Chapter 23 •The narrative starts very fragmented and disjointed as Amir Flits in and out of consciousness. This is reflected presented by the continued use of short sentences and paragraphs, the broken narrative could also show Amir’s detachment from reality. •Within the chapter we are also presented with dreams as a form of narrative. A prominent dream is the dream of the bear and Baba, this could represent Amir finally conquering his guilt, the bear, and however the dream ends without Amir killing the bear which could show he is fully redeemed yet.

This moment comes later when Amir runs the kite for Sohrab. The dream could also symbolise many other things Baba could be the bear as earlier in the novel Amir comments “I could never tell the difference”, the dream could represent how he has finally proved to Baba he is a man or the bear could have represented for Assef who is the real monster in the now. Earlier in the novel “When Baba died, Amir called his cancer "the Bear he could not defeat. " This shows how the dream is symbolic on so many different things. The relationship between Sohrab and Amir Remains strained “I asked Sohrab if he wanted to play. I didn’t expect him to answer, let alone play”. They play “panjapar” in silence for hours and Amir relates many of Sohrab’s characteristics to Hassan such as his ability with a slingshot and his skill at card games. •The chapter is also a very emotional one for Amir he breaks down when Farid says “For you a thousand times over” this is closely linked to Amir’s memories of Hassan and this phrase is repeated throughout and Repetition is a device used throughout the novel, to create emphasis.

It is first spoken by Hassan to Amir, at the beginning of the novel. From then on, the reader associates this quote with the relationship that Hassan and Amir have. Then at the ending in a letter Hassan has wrote to Amir. The fact that Hassan can still say this to Amir after all Amir has done to him, show that he followed through with his words, which makes this phrase very meaningful. This lexis used, such as. A thousand" is purposely used by the author to emphasize Hassan's unlimited loyalty to Hassan. •Rahim Khan’s letter provides some answers to the questions that Amir may have had about his and Baba’s behavior. The contrast of how Baba dealt with the guilt, by giving to charities etc; contrasts of how Amir dealt with his guilt. He then later dreams he is Assef’s twin maybe showing he still hasn’t reached peace with