what are stars in the growth share matrix?
they are high growth and high share
cregs craft beers structures its company in such a way to encourage its most profitable older customers to remain loyal while also targeting a new generation of customers. whats cregs craft beer attempting to build?
customer equity
when customers respond in a similar way to a given set of marketing efforts they can be refered to as a
marketing segment
a value chain consists of
the series of internal departments that carry out value creating activities
june and b have started a new company june b inc and are having trouble deciding which marketing path to take to drive sales.

june believes they should follow a make and sell philosophy that focuses on improving their product whereas b believes they should be more customer oriented and find the right products for their customers what best describes this situation

should junbee inc follow a product or selling concept
which is not one of the 4 p's of the marketing mix
a marketing dashboard is used to do what
monitor strategic marketing performance
how has the internet most affected companies and customers
it has allowed consumers to take marketing content and share it
morninglinks inc makes breakfast sausages and has begun to use the slogan start your day the organic way to jump on the eco friendly movement. unfortuanatley as soon as consumers discovered morninglinks not so organic ingridnts, the company began to see a rapid decline in profits and customer loyalty. what was morninglinks mistake
morninglinks did not deliver on the promise it made
connies cupcakes has started to grow larger than connie could ever have imagined. she is having a hard time keeping track of all of the business marketing activities. She knows that she is going to need help to keep her business growing and is looking to hire.

whom should connie hire?

noah lopez a marketing specialist who would be hired as connies new chief marketing officer
vinces video has suffered in the current economy because fewer people have the money for videos and because people utilize available technology including online steaming sites like youtube and hulu. the videos vinces video does sell are often out priced by versions coming from china or Taiwan or they are accussed of damaging the environment. what marketing impacts has effected vinces videos
the digital agesustainable marketingrapid globalizationthe changing economic environment
advantage airlines has instituted a loyalty rewards program that rewards customers with free wifi, seat upgrades, and free miles for their continued patronage. what relationship tool is A.A using?
frequency marketing program
sara has started a new company, saras soaps. she has decided upon the overall purpose and mission created detailed objectives to guide the company, and performaned detailed portfolio analysis.

unsure of her next stepshe looks to her partner mildred for advice. what is the best advice mildred could give her

develop detailed marketing and department plans that will support the company wide plan
a brand new hardware company is writing its mission statement. which is the best mission statement possible
we will help customers build invigorate restore refurbish or completely redesign their home or businesses
why is marketing return on invetments so difficult to measure
there is no consistent definition