Does the American public enjoy paying exorbitant rates for gasoline? Airplane Tickets? Food? The truth is that no one enjoys paying these grossly inflated prices just to line the pockets of money- hungry capitalists. The United States government, in an effort to control the industrialists, has created laws that contribute to the very thing they are trying to control. The nation"s main concern should be to help the "working man," 85% of the nation, by not controlling the corporations that supply them with the products they desire, but by controlling the prices at which these items are sold. The current anti-trust laws are doing this very thing.

The U.S. government is forbidding the American people from choosing who and what they want to spend their hard earned money on. With the creation of monopolies lies the future of this country, not the downfall as many Americans are led to believe.

The people of this wonderful nation, this Free nation, should demand the immediate revocation of the current anti-trust regulations. Many people are of the opinion that ungoverned capitalism will lead to the downfall of American society, from an economic standpoint. This viewpoint, while based on a very true precedent, is merely a projection of falsified ideals from an ill-informed public. The very laws that you feel are protecting you are actually destroying your right of choice.

Yes, everyday the American people buy a corporation"s product and consequently show they believe that product, or corporation, to be superior to the competition. It is with this overwhelming consumer support that the company comes to monopolize a market. Due to the manufacturing of a superior product the company is forced to dissolve, and yet another fine American corporation is destroyed. Some may say that a monopoly destroys the small, family owned businesses, and in the process kills the spirit of entrepreneurship all together. This is but a small price to pay, since the creation of conglomerates would begin a new era of technological advancement. The increase in allocation of funds for research along with the drive to beat out the competition could lead the world into the new age renaissance.

The theories of Darwinism would be of great use in the business environment. If left to compete with no restrictions the superior companies would emerge victorious, thus creating a more stable, more efficient business world. The progress of the nation could be increased two-fold with the right motivation and resources. Both of which would be created by a dominating corporation. With the elimination of anti-trust laws the U.

S. government would stand to inherit great diplomatic relations with many foreign countries. With such large contributing to the U.S.

market international business partnership would be a given. And with a company creating so many jobs and such an increase in the standard of living in many third-world countries, the foreign governments would be very accommodating to American policies throughout the world. The diplomatic relations between The U.S.

government and other world powers would be greatly improved once the American corporations had broken through the racial border. With such a great rapport already going with the foreign countries we would be one step closer to a sovereign nation and world peace. In retrospect, it would seem that the potential for economic progress greatly outweighs the negative effects that repealing the anti-trust laws could engender. It also seems that a policy of laissez-faire would be the best position for the U.S. Government to hold.

The less government interaction in the inner workings of the nation the better off the people will be.