Catcher in the Rye
The book Catcher in the RyeHolden expresses many issues that get to him personally. One of the issues deal's with his sexuality. Holden, is very homophobic, thinks a lot of guys he meets in the story are "flitty.

" Holden also shares with us that he doesn't like his sex life, he even goes as far as getting a hooker but he backs (out of course!) In Holden's story he goes trough a very big change. He deal's with his loss of innocence's and the strange situations he gets into.
Holden's friend named Luce knew everybody and always had a woman. Holden never understood this because he always thought old Luce was a flitty guy.

"I used to think he was a flit himself he was always doing that sort of stuff" (Salinger 143). While they were in this bar and old Luce gave Holden his annual sex talks, Holden made comments to himself about all the flitty looking men in the bar " a flitty looking guy with wavy hair came out and played the piano" (149). When Holden left Pency with no place to go, but he stayed with some older friends named Mr. & Mrs. Antolini. After a long speech about how Holden should really do better, in school he went to bed and got ready for a good night sleep, until Holden woke up to Mr.

Antolini petting his head! This freaked Holden out. " I wondered if I was wrong about Mr. Antolini making a flitty pass at me " (194).Holden met a friend who always kept her kings in the back row, what he loves about her. Jane to Holden she was a Goddess! It seemed like every guy wanted her. Stradlater wanted Jane and Holden hated it.

He got so pissed off when he found out that the two of them went and sat some where a little too comfortable for Holden's liking! " Give her the time in Ed Banky's goddam car!" (43). Then it really got to Holden when Stradlater showed interest in Jane "it just drove me crazy to think of her and Stradlater parked some where" (48). He was just pissed that he wasn't the one on the double date with Jane because that was Holden's girl.
Last subject with Holden's personal life is his most private but not so private life! Holden expresses throughout the book that his "sex life sucks.

" When he was talking to his friend Luce about his sex life because his sex life is always great because he has a Chinese woman " maybe I'll go to China my sex life is lousy" (143). Earlier in the book Holden meets some ladies from Seattle and one who turned Holden on a great deal because of the way she danced." You really can dance ya know, you otta go pro" (71)
Holden was really mesmerized by the way she danced " where I have my hand on your back, if I think there isn't anything underneath my hand-no can, no legs, no feet, no anything then the girls really a terrific dancer" (71).Holden really is a great guy with many inconcisties throughout his personality.As you can see he has a lot to think about! These are just a few things about Holden that are very humorous and interesting.

You would think that Holden is a lot older than he is hu? Well that's just Holden for you he thinks he knows everything about anything.