Julius Caesar was one of the most famous men of antiquity, who was dictator of Rome and "a man of letters".

Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 B.C. His family, the gens Julia was ancient and patrician, but at the time it was only beginning to reemerge. Caesar could not feel safe in Rome while Sulla was still alive.

He went in 81 B.C. to the province of Asia. Later he served under the proconsul of Cilicia, but in 78 B.

C. after he heard of Sulla's death, he returned to Rome. He left Rome again in 75 B.C. and went to Rhodes to study under the famous rhetorician Apollonius Molon. In 66 B.

C., Caesar ran the aedileship, and his campaign was financed by one of the most richest and powerful men in Rome, Crassus. In 61 B.C. Caesar became propraetor of Father Spain.

Caesar asked permission to stand for the consulship while remaining outside Rome so that he could celebrate his triumph. He began to negotiate with Pompey the Great, who was seeking land for his ratification of the arrangements he had made in the east after his successful campaign against the Mithridate. In 59 B.C., Caesar became consul with Bibulus, an ineffective colleague. Three tribunes vetoed it, and Bibulus declared the omens unfavorable, but with the support of Pompey and Crassus, Caesar called some troops and the bill was passed.

Then he rewarded Crassus by supporting a bill that Crassus desired. The acquisition of these provinces was of great advantage to Caesar. It gave him an opportunity to recruit and train an army, and he would be in an ideal location yo march on Rome whenever he wished.