Lululemon Athletica Company is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of athletic accessories and apparel. The Company operates in Australia, the United States of America, Canada, and Japan. Lululemon’s merchandise is distributed to apparel and fitness wholesalers while some of it is sold through retail outlets in different countries around the globe.

Most of the products that are manufactured by the Company are appreciated in the athletic market due to their long durability and effectiveness in the performance of different exercises. En(2009) asserts that these apparels come in different sizes to ensure that all individuals in society are able to access and use them for intended purposes. I think Lulu Company uses the focus generic competitive strategy to ensure its success in the market. This strategy is concerned with the choice of a narrow scope in the market.

The Company has chosen a narrow scope that is concerned with the sale of athletic apparel. I think that it uses this strategy because of the belief that there is a high demand of athletic apparel in the market and that there are a few suppliers of such items. This ensures that it maximizes profits in the market. BMW Company Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) Company is an engine, automobile, and motorcycle manufacturing Company founded in 1917.

It is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. BMW is the parent Company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and it produces the Mini marque. Its motorcycles are produced under the Husqvarna and BMW Motorrad brands. It is asserted that the Company produces many motor vehicles and motorcycles in ny given year. For instance, in 2010 it produces about 1.5 million automobiles and 112271 motorcycles and experiences immense sales.

I think that BMW Company uses the differentiation generic strategy in the market. The automobile industry is a highly competitive industry with different Companies producing varied types of cars. With the differentiation strategy, the Company has been able to manufacture unique brands of automobiles and motorcycles that are appreciated in the market. I think it uses this strategy with the aim of ensuring that there is satisfaction among its consumers. The powerful automobiles and motorcycles it produces have had effective sales hence boosting profitability in the market.Hilton Hotels The Hilton Hotel and Resort is an international group of hotels that operates in different countries around the globe.

The hotel was founded by Conrad Hilton and has currently spread in many countries around the world as its market share grows. It is found in some key countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom hence ensuring that it maximizes profits in the market. According to Harrison & John (2009), it is renowned for its quality executive rooms and the assurance of leisure and hospitality to its customers all over the globe. Furthermore, the Hilton Group of Hotels has strategically located itself near airports with the aim of attracting more visitors to enjoy its facilities. I think the Company uses the differentiation generic strategy to ensure its success in the market.

It has concentrated on ensuring that its services such as executive lounges, foods, swimming pools, and other leisure faacilities are different from those of other significant Companies in the hotel industry. I believe that it uses the differentiation strategy in order to ensure that it attracts as many customers as possible. This is in line with the discovery that most customers would always be attracted to facilities that they believe are of high quality and suit their status. The large number of customers that are attracted has contributed to the profitability and stability of the Company in the hotel industry. Rolex CompanyThis is a Swiss Company that is concerned with the manufacture of classy and high-quality wristwatches.

Many individuals around the globe popularly refer to its watches as status watches. It is asserted that Rolex Company is the largest single quality watch brand all over the globe and is appreciated by many individuals. This has boosted its market share in the watch industry especially due to its appeal to high-class individuals in society. Moser (2007) affirms that the Company’s watches have been bought because of their high rank in terms of status. I believe that the Company also uses the differentiation generic strategy in the assurance of success in the market. It has largely differentiated its products in the market as they are highly valued by all individuals in the world.

The differentiated watches have fetched a large market and contributed immensely to the profits of the Company. I think is uses this strategy to boost the satisfaction of consumers in the use of its commodities. More so, the differentiation strategy ensures that it achieves high sales in the market and improved profitability.