Booker T. Washington founder of Tuskegee Institute, he was a well know black educator. Tuskegee provider industrial training to African American.

He believed that African Americans would gain respect from the white community if they had trade skills. Washington also believed that trade skills were key to economic security. He thought that economic progress was sufficient and that blacks can tolerate inequality. Booker urged blacks to accept discrimination and focus more on elevating themselves , educating themselves in crafting and industrial farming skills .

W. E.B Du Bois was more of a political thinker a intellectual scholar . He help found NAACP, he also published a book called The Souls of Black Folks . Bois believed that academic education was more than trade education.

He felt like Booker T. Washington was keeping the African Americans trapped in a lower social and economic class with is emphasis on industrial education. Du Bois wanted the black race to expand their mind in arts and science, he wanted blacks to work hard no matter of their career . They both was for African American to get their education and wanted us to have the same equal rights as whites.They both had different political views Du Bois encourage blacks to demand their equal rights ,Washington believed that it was important for blacks to develop good relationships with whites ignoring discrimination . Booker T.

Washington had a more rational strategy it was more planed out. Washington plan was to change how other race perceived African American. His overall goal was to demonstrate to other race that African American were capable of being civilized, educated, and productive man and women in the work force.Although, DuBois and Washington had the same goal their methods of achieving their goals were completely opposite.

Dubois felt that African Americans should demand respect because they deserved it. However, Washington stance was that African American should earn their respect by showing the world that they weren’t ignorant, thieves, or anything else negative that was commonly used to describe blacks. I agree with Washington approach because his strategy demands that black people become active in their own advancements.I think African American have to get back connect to their root before we can advance as a race in today society .

Booker strategy can be modify because not everybody was book smart , but their some people who could work magic with their hands . If blacks could take advantage of the thoughts and ideas of our ancestors we can grow as a race . Ida B. Wells a civil right activist, she expressed herself about lynching through writing and her speeches . She help reduce the amount of lynching in the south. Ida B.

Wells demanded that the whites murders of the innocent people be held accountable of their actions.She also was involved in many creation of several organizations encouraging the advancement of women and other minorities . Wells wasn’t afraid to speak her mind she was determine to make away for the black race . Mary Church Terrell was born into wealth, she was the first black women appointed to the District of Columbia Board of education . Mary was a charter member and first president of the National Association of Colored Women.

She was nationally known for her support of women’s suffrage and opposition to racial segregation .Mary had many contributes, she taught at a black secondary school , worked with Fredrick Douglass and spent two years studying in Europe . She was a leader of a large protest against segregated eating places, and she was the only black women to speak at the International Congress of Women in 1904 that was held in Berlin, Germany. She was a powerful woman back in her days, took the steps that was necessary to succeed . Anna Julia Cooper was part of the feminist movement, she published a book call “ A Voice from the South by a Black Women of the South “.She is an African American scholar, she was the fourth black women to earn a doctoral degree.

Anna help found the Colored Women’s League in Washington D. C, she was one of the few black women invited to speak on the Pan-African Conference in London. She was committed to the race and gender equality Cooper lived her life as an active vocal participant in the Women Era. Anna Julia Cooper believed that intelligent women’s voices brought balance to the struggle for the human race . Black women today should look as these women as role models, they lead the way for many generation.

It’s up to us as women to take a chance to be heard and fight for what we believe in. No matter the outcome Ida, Mary and Anna took a stand as women and make sure their voice were heard that alone say a lot about their character . Many women of our generation is scared to speak out on the thing they believe afraid of being judge. Women are more powerful than they know , I think women can still uplift the black race if we came together to fix the things in the black community and work together instead of tearing each other down. If we change our mindset we can change the world.