Body modification 873 words.

"Job Stoppers" People who express themselves with body modification should not be subject to having opportunities taken from them. What is or isn't on your body doesn't have anything to do with what someone capable of doing. People who choose to express themselves in the way they best see their body will continue to receive discrimination when trying to get a respectable Job. Body modification is as much a choice as religion, sexual orientation, and race, which is included in equal opportunity employment.Some may be amazed at the amount of people that have these modifications. Many people don't realize that the person they're sitting next to may have some sort of modification.

In 2006 the Food and Drug Administration reported 45 million Americans had at least one tattoo. (Timorous, Thomas). Wicked anyone think differently of someone who they knew told them they had a hidden tattoo? Wicked that make them any less of a person? Not all tattoos are visible, so what is the difference between having them show or not?Regardless, it's there. Just like in the ark place, hidden tattoos are acceptable but showing that type of self-expression isn't alright. That's Just like saying we have a freedom of speech, but we're not allowed to speak. It's more than Just something to show; it's much deeper than that.

Body modification goes farther than Just putting ink on your skin. It also has a lot to do with Culture and it's a form of art. In the sass's many people changed their perceptions of body modification with other cultures and the nature of art. Polishes, Ted.

40) Westerners used to pay people from different countries to show if their body art, people were intrigued by this and they considered it an art form. Modifications can show were one has been and where they are from. In the 18th century European tattooing because linked with the exotic- something that people did in very distance lands. (42) The opposing tattoo styles of particular individuals within a group often showed the differences in roles and a status oaf person.Body modification isn't Just an outside appearance it's providing the knowledge, beliefs, values and history of so many traditional cultures. Any person has the right to equal opportunity employment, equal rights to anyone any everyone should still be available.

If it is wrong to Judge someone for having black or brown skin, why is it any different for someone who has blue or red skin? People deserve the right to express themselves however they want to without having to worry about how they'll disadvantage them in the work environment, or anywhere else for that matter.Just like how it's acceptable to be a person of a different race, homosexual, or flaunt a elision in a work place, no person is going to try to hide it. As children we are taught that it isn't okay to Judge a book by its cover, to accept people regardless of how they look. If body modification could be acceptable in the work place it would give people one less reason to Judge people Tort ten outer Ana love people Tort tenet Inner.

Employers should look for Einstein, not Miss Americas. On the opposing side, tattoos haven't always been a form of art.Many gangs used tattoos as a way of authorizing someone into a gang, also "ripping" it. Employers may get the wrong idea from a person with body modifications and think they will scare away customers or even think that they are hiring a hoodlum. Opposing point of view that it isn't professional to bear them at all times, but employment should be based on qualifications, not looks. There should be an unbiased chance in getting any Job you want.

Body modification is a completion of one and makes someone feel happy about being who they want to be and how they want to look.Everyone wants to be happy, so why push them away or shun them out for doing what makes them intent, when it is really not hurting anyone else? In a lot of culture modification is a rite of passage and sign of respect, but here in "civilized America" it's offensive and obnoxious and a choice you should be held back because of. That is wrong and extremely bias, might as well say any transgender person and or person with plastic surgery can't work. It's unprofessional to say body modification may offend, upset, and or scare people away. For one they should be respectful and mature enough to deal with it.People Judge everyone that's has modification for being bad or untrustworthy people, as long as whatever they have isn't hazardous or potentially harmful in the work they are doing, then they should be accepted and not denied because some people's opinion.

We are all equals despite of how we decide to express our creativity and art. If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls? Work cited 1 . Timorous, Thomas. "Tattoos Go Mainstream, but Not All Workmates Approve. "Http://web.

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