BlockchainBriefing, the world’s leading distributed ledger technology information and news portal, is this week launching ChainHQ, a searchable database which tracks and compiles the latest company and blockchain technology developments.This subscriber-only portal provides essential intelligence on which solutions are receiving investment, emerging sector leaders, challengers and the legal context to ledger technology.As investment cash worth billions pours into distributed ledger technology, the blockchain industry is currently experiencing high-levels of activity, with continuous investments and market developments happening – with almost $1billion in funding received since 2009.Computer hardware firm 21 Inc leads the industry, with $121m received in funding since its inception in 2013, followed by Coinbase with $105m in funding.Funding has increased exponentially over the last few years, with the majority of the top 20 funded companies founded 2011 onwards.However, only BitFury, Circle and Coinbase have completed Series C funding, with the majority of companies still in the early rounds of funding highlighting the opportunities ahead for further investment.BlockchainBriefing’s in-house team of analysts help players from across the industry make sense of the complex and rapidly evolving opportunities as they happen, and remain at the forefront of the industry.The comprehensive database, which can be searched via industry-specific keywords or company name, provides essential details on hundreds of blockchain technology companies and will be updated on a weekly basis.David Morgan, founder and CEO of ComplianceOnline, commented, “Through BlockchainBriefing we have witnessed the continued interest and activity within the blockchain industry.This new directory demonstrates our continued commitment to provide clients with the only news and information source they require to access critical and impartial business intelligence to keep abreast of blockchain developments.”The attached infographic highlights the top 20 most funded blockchain companies on ChainHQ.