Block Arrangement Essay ENG 121 Brain Davis January 19, 2012 Chassity Little I am going to state the differences between mountains and beaches. I. Mountain A. Climate- The temperature of the mountains are colder, the higher altitude gets. They attend to have much wetter climates than the surrounding flat lands.

Mountains weather conditions can change dramatically from one hour to the next. For example, the sky is clear and a thunder storm rolls in. the weather can extremely drop from being really hot to below freezing in a minute. B. Types of Activities- You have climbers and tourists visit them for the scenery.

Framers graze their animals on them. Water authorities make reservoirs and pump the water to towns and cities. Forestry companies grow coniferous forests and harvest wood on them. You have people live in the mountain areas. C.

Location- Mountains are located almost everywhere, you have the Himalayan mountains in Asia, the alps in Europe, the Andes in south America, the Rockies in north America and the Urals in Russia, these are fold mountains. The fault-block Mountains are the Sierra Nevada Mountains in North America, the Harz Mountains in Germany. The volcanic mountains are Mount St.Helens in North America, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, and Mount Kea and Mount Loa in Hawaii.

III. Beach A. Climate- Winter- mild and dry air. Weather systems come from the North and West, mostly north. Spring- cool and dry air.

Weather systems come from the North and West, mostly west. Summer- warm and humid. Weather systems come from East, West, and the South. Fall- cool and dry.

Weather systems come from the North and West, mostly west. B. Types of Activities- You can relax and tan on the beach; you can read books while you are at the beach with your family or if you are by yourself. You can go swimming, surfing, boating.

You can also have a BBQ on the beach, well not on the beach. C. Location- there is a few beaches in the United States. They are located in Florida, Virginia, Poipu Kauai, Hawaii, California, and Caribbean.

Beaches are about everywhere. IV. Conclusion: so the differences between mountains and beaches are the weather, where they are located. But they have seminaries.

People can go to the mountains to clime and you have tourists who like the scenery. The beach people can relax, tan swim, surf, go boating, have a BBQ. the weather is a lot different than the mountains, it’s a lot more warmer. It doesn’t change in an dramatically manner.