In recent years, there have been several cases where lives were saved due to the replacement of a dysfunctional body part. Early detection of diseases has also increased dramatically with the help of modern technology.

I adamantly believe that is extremely beneficial to the progress of our society, species, and/or culture, but like everything else in life it has a negative effect. Before came into existence, dismemberment was the principal method used for controlling deformity and disease organs.Affected body parts had to be removed to avoid further progression of the disease. Patients no longer have to go through this torture. Malfunctioning body parts and tissues can now be replaced with an equivalent lab generated one through tissue engineering.

Tissue engineering Is a branch of scientific study that requires the use of stem cells or source cells from patients and biodegradable scaffolding. The cells are organized and cultured to form a functioning tissue which is then implanted into the patient.For example, someone ho injured his or her neck in a car accident can benefit from tissue engineering through neck reconstruction surgery. Tissue engineering is expanding so rapidly, it has taken a role in bone and cartilage regeneration, skin and much more. Attempts have also been made to grow solid organs such as the lungs and the kidney, to name a few.

Engineered organs may help mollify the present organ shortage being experienced worldwide. This aspect of gives our society prospect. Wave progressed from diseased organ ablation to the regeneration and renewal of organs.It holds exceptional hope for advancing replacement of damaged body parts.

Similarly, traditional approaches to diagnose a disease such as clinical observation have evolved exponentially. Unfortunately, over the years, I've lost a few loved ones due to delayed detection of cancer. When detected it its late stages, cancer often results in death. Now with , early detection of cancer has increased significantly. It simply takes a trip to your physician's office for an annual checkup and a blood test. If the blood test results are abnormal, a further blood work-up is required.

A sample of the blood is placed on the chip, and the normal blood flows through while the tumor cells are stuck. This test detects cancer cells as they are in transit from the primary tumor before it spreads throughout the body with the use of a chip. This gives a clear Idea of what a patient's tumor looks like. This technique also helps the doctor to Identify which treatment Is best to recommend.

Had this remarkable discovery been made a few years earlier, my loved ones would have still been alive. This area of is promising to our society; it gives hope.In addition to it can also be used for cloning. Cloning is the process of producing a clone.

A clone is a cell, cell product or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived. Cloning works similarly to the natural way that causes twins to develop. An egg is fertilized with a sperm. The fertilized egg is called a ; it develops into a which further splits into more cells, doubling with each division.

Dolly the sheep is one example of such an offspring. In 1996, Dolly the sheep was the first living organism to be cloned from adult cells.This phenomenon has evolved speedily, and scientists now have the ability to clone many other animals. If we continue to clone more organisms, we will eventually produce new organisms. If these organisms are released into our environment, they can destroy our ecosystem.

More importantly is the fear of cloning humans. Society fears that when humans attain the ability to control the creation of life, unethical scientists may it like this technology to produce other humans who are designed to perform dangerous tasks.Cloning can be risky especially is we don't know the long-term effects. All in all, helps us to understand the human body at a molecular level and enables solutions such as body part replacement and detection and treatment of diseases. It helps our society to progress, and opens new doors for a solution of current and future medical problems.

However, it is important to ensure that techniques such as cloning are not permitted to go in a direction where it becomes harmful to us.