Tinkering With Mother Nature
Imagine thirty or forty years form now. Biotechnology has really advanced. Scientist can now clone people and also change their DNA strands making them better or perfect all around. Do you think that it is safe to tinker with Mother Nature? Is it wise to try and control Mother Nature? Better yet can she ever be controlled? Whether or not she can be controlled is a big of deal. If we can control Mother Nature she will end up controlling us sooner or later.

It is not a smart idea to tinker with such a great power that the world has depended on for many years.Scientist can study and try to do many things but one thing they can never do is control Mother Nature. I believe biotechnology is not really necessary in this day in age. What is the point in trying to clone a person and make them better? This technology can be very harmful to us as well as the earth.

Biotechnology will change many things and can ruin the balance of nature. In the short story by Jeremy Rifkin, he states Initial fears focused on the nightmare scenario of newly engineered microorganisms escaping from the lab and causing uncontrollable damage to the other organisms in the environment.(The Ultimate Therapy: Commercial Eugenics on the Eve of the Biotech Century p.542-543) If the balance of nature is interrupted it can cause a lot of destruction. For example if a scientist were to take a species of any type from its original habitat and introduce it to a new environment it will cause the environment to change as well as its balance.

The species may eliminate other species causing the food chain to change.
Biotechnology is a great danger to the human species. Imagine people walking around looking like twins but one is better in every way then the other. There is already enough racism in this world why do we need to set new standard of a persons well being in his or her society.

If scientist were to clone people they could improve the clone, putting the natural human specie at a lower level of life. There would no longer be natural people all the clones would survive caused by Darwins theory Survival of the fittest. These new breeds of human could be programmed from birth to be any thing like ruthless soldier for wars. Then there would be a race to see which country has the strongest army. War might even break out causing mass destruction.

If this technology got in the wrong hands it could be very dangerous.
How would you feel if you were a parent in the twenty first century, and every magazine, newspaper, and television commercial had and an ad reporting Career competition 21st century will be very tough. The right combination of a high physical and mental characteristics will help you child succeed. Why wait when you will have a guarantee that you child will have what it take to survive in a very demanding environment. How would that make you feel? What if you didnt have the money to enhance your kid? That would make your kid one of the disadvantaged against all the other children that have got the enhanced genetic profile. I would feel unhappy that my child might not succeed in this new day-in-age.

Genetic profiling would change the whole society and all the people who did not get the genetic profiling would starve and die away not existing any more.
From my point of view and for what I stand for I believe that biotechnology is bad and it should be stopped. Who gave the scientist rights to play god? Trying to play god is a big responsibility and can back fire on them sooner or later. I believe there is no way anyone could control Mother Nature.

Look at the dinosaur they did not even do anything but are now extinct, which was caused by Mother Nature. If scientist try to control Mother Nature, I believe that she will turn the tables on them and end up controlling them. Mother Nature has been around for such a long time why should we disturb her cycles using biotechnology. This will cause a disaster in some way.

Scientist arent as smart as they think. Two things they will never be able to control are Mother Nature and God. This technology is all too good to be true.
By Faraz Saiyed