Billy Elliot Scene Analysis Scene Title and Description - Sound (Diegetic and non-diegetic) Movement 1. Opening titles: The song Cosmic Dancer hand places record by T-rex is heard as boy delicately on is jumping up and down. turntable, boy is seen The responder jumping up and down immediately assumes uncontrollably and that music plays an displaying a happy important role in this and carefree boy’s life. disposition. 2.

A Disgrace in the Gloves - Setting (lighting and - Camera techniques - Text - Symbols - Quotes colour) - Costuming The boy is dressed in The frame remains still The title of the film Billy bright clothes, and the as the boy’s body moves Elliot appears on the background is a bright in and out of it. This is screen as the boy’s entire yellow wall paper. These revealing a sense of body re-enters the colours give the freedom this character, frame.

The responder impression that and the idea that he may can now conclude that Billy is a symbol of hope not conform in his this boy is Billy and in and light in his world. stagnant world. fact the protagonist of the film. Repetition of “I was dancing” - when the music begins, - the sign about boxing is Billy’s boxing fight begins much larger then the also. This is the contrast dancing sign. Shows of ballet piano music the focus on masculine whilst he is in a boxing figures and the male ring.

He beings to move dominance within the and stuff around (“not town. (boxing for boys, again” he does not have dancing for girls) a passion for boxing. - “your a disgrace to Comparison is that the them gloves, your vast difference between father and the tradition boxing and ballet; two of this boxing hall”. completely different George Watson (boxing worlds. coach) Link to Into the World a child’s freedom and naive child with no worries or cares about the surround world The fun and joy of a kid jumping up and down on their bed.

Represents the way of which a child is placed into the world as this innocent being. this scene is significant because it is building the framework of the complication. Examining Billy, he is growing up into a community that is centered around mining and boxing for men; a ridged patriarchal society. In this scene it represents the gender roles and expectations. It is an expectation that this is the world that Billy will stay in (defying gender roles) 3. The Ballet Class - the choreography of Billy’s movement seeks to show his connection with the dancing world. He moves to the timing kept by Mrs Wilkinson. - the use of the piano music has Billy visits his mothers grave is representative of the mood and seeks to create an emotional response; the sombre tone of the piano highlights the hardships that Billy faces with the recent loss of his mother (1 year) this is a new world and experience for him. - ‘Top hat, White tie’ Fred Astaire Billy Elliott’s costuming of the boxing gear is juxtaposed to the ballet students. this highlights to us that Billy has not yet entered this world - he placing of the - “fred Astaire was your - this scene shows Billy’s boxing bag serves as a mothers favorite dancer” displacement within the barrier which he needs - grandmother world as a boxer when his to over come, in order true love is really ballet. to fully enter and - Billy does not fit into this engage with the world reflection within the world of dance as a manly boxer, the way tracking shot of the he moves appears that Billy girls ballet shoes in is not comfortable about contrast to Billy’s being in the boxing world; boxing shoes; further confining himself within a reinforced by the use of world of which he does not a close up. elong.... seeing the ballet - changing into the ballet class the dancers enables shoes at an eye level him to being to unlock that shot; symbolically inner want and need he showing that he is has hidden within him (his breaking away from his passion) for dancing/ballet. old existence. - this represents the first barrier/obstacle within him self he has to over come 4. To Be a Dancer - tracking shot capturing the ‘STRIKE NOW’ posters establishes the social and political environment - first class of ballet Billy is awkward, stiff, ridged and self conscious of what he is doing in the class. The music elevates and is of a high paced staccato music. He is now also dancing out side in the open. Prior to this moment/scene in the movie the music was slow and confined within the spaces he is in (room, ballet studio) the heavy presence of the police; costumed with shields (illustrating that there is a level of violence and animosity; used as a type of intimidation) Billy is framed in his room through the use of his door way; his father does not enter into “Billy’s world”. - long shot of the - “Your ever-faithful billboard seeks to washday slave” display the power and Billboard slogan. asculinity of males; - “I feel like a right sissy” yet emphasises the “well don’t act like one” hardships they face Billy and Mrs Wilkinson. billboard defaces to the - Mr Brathwaite to Billy washing advertisement; “You look like a right a music treble clef, is wanker to me son” - Billy seen on a poster that is is then dancing in the ripped down and street, this shows he has defaced. no care and does not Billy is in a private care about what people world that is only think about him dancing. exclusive to him self (placing his ballet shoes under his bed and closing the door) - Motif of the framing; reenforcing his masculinity e. . looking into the mirror and protruding his chest then exhaling(disappointmen t) - The boys whilst jogging took a different path to the rest of their class mates, this symbolises the different paths they take to the rest of the town Billy being a ballet dancer and Michael being a homosexual. - when in the dancing studio the larger mirror shows his freedom being able to be him self, then once in his house they mirror is small and confines him in his own home; as his confidence grows so does the size of the mirrors. 5. Dad Finds Out The ballet music is underscored with the voices repeatedly shouting “SCUM” by the minors strike. - Radio in house is reinforcing the minors strike. - Song : ‘Children of the revolution’; the song being reflected of Billy’s transition, Billy represents the change of breaking away from the typical masculine activities and roles by dancing 6. Mrs Wilkinson’s Offer - voices intensify as the - being confined in the conversation picks up in space of the car, as they the interest in the matter talk about the Ballet of being offered to Billy school, as well as about the ballet school discussing the private lessons. The minors yelling scum is viewed at a areal view (birds eye) to show the momentum of the protestors and force of the police officers clashing at the picket line. - the world is juxtaposed to the grace and elegance of the ballet. - Ballet is filmed with an eye level mid shot - Close up on Jacky’s face once he sees Billy in the. - When sitting at the table arguing the camera zooms into Billy’s face as the emotions get over whelming. Both Billy and Jacky are passionate about their own opinions and are not going to break about how they feel. - its not his fault”, “and thats alright with you is it? ” - Billy to Mrs Wilkinson “now piss off”, “piss off your self” - Mrs Wilkinson and Billy this dialogue can be used to show the type of closeness they can share together 7. Private Lessons 8. A Ghost Story - mothers motif plays - the gym appears like a once Mrs Wilkinson heavenly setting. The begins reading his lighting is of natural mothers letter lights with the sunlight - ‘ I love to boogie’ - the streaming through the dance was free and had above window down loose movements where upon Mrs Wilkinson. hey were enjoying - The Gates are an themselves opening into his own - Dancing between Billy world, to where he can and Mrs Wilkinson be him self. dance in unison - Mrs Wilkinson is always together. wearing the same - the music stops when clothing as if she will Billy shuts his home always be the same door. and that Billy knows she will be. - Billy’s clothing is gradually getting lighter until the end of the scene where he is wearing complete white as a representation of innocence. - swan lake, telling the - the bridge being so story. large and dominating, - use of mothers motif to the music of swan lake show that she is still intensifies. here for Billy. - swan lake and the - In comparison to when juxtaposition of the they first start this elegance of the music lesson is serious, and world with the harsh structured and focused; buildings of the this shows his industrial world. improvement and - As the pulley comes maturity of Billy as a across the lake it moves dancer and as a in time with the music. person. the camera angle starts as a long shot and as Billy and Mrs Wilkinson draw nearer the angle shot gets closer as well until they reach a head shot of Billy and Mrs Wilkinson. “always be your self” - Mother from letter read by Billy and Mrs Wilkinson. intertexuality; Billy Elliott refers to swan lake. Mrs Wilkinson When in the ballet studio with the bar, the shot is a eye level, panning shot that is at a distance. close up shot when Mrs Wilkinson is not smoking; more understanding and compassionate towards Billy; intensity and focus she has when dancing with Billy ” a few hours every night she becomes alive... she becomes real again” - Mrs Wilkinson. 9. Tony’s Arrest - tony is angry; therefore getting caught by the police. ‘ London Calling’ - The Clash. costuming of police shown in that context; riot shields; batons; riding horse back forces fear into people based on what they are wearing. - Minors are fiercely out numbered by police in this scene. - close up of Billy’s face when watching his brother being caught; head shot of a sigh as his witnesses his brother capture. 10. The Chance to Dance - music starts when the heated moment of argument between Old Tony and Mrs Wilkinson; almost dominating the argument, later leads to Billy breaking out in dance. Everyone is inside where as Michael is the only one that is outside with Billy the others are framed within the windows - ‘ A town like malice’ The clash begins on the street where they move indoors. The scene then goes to Billy outside but confined in the space of the break wall, although he breaks down the door. It then moves to the roof and further more in the streets getting further and further away from his home life where he is confined in his space and the pressure of his family; the more he breaks away from his home he is able to express him self and his emotions freely. in the fight mrs wilkinson and Billy are in frame work, tony is standing, jacky and the grandmother are sitting because they don’t know if to be on tony’s side or on Billy’s side; Billy and Mrs Wilkinson are limited of power because they are within frame work. Tony is standing giving him more power then all the other characters in the scene. - eye level shot the brick wall is - “do you have any idea - over coming obstacles symbolic of Billy’s what we are going confinement within his through? ” - Tony family; kicking down the door as a form of breaking free or wanting to let out his frustration. egins at an eye level shot and then gradually changes from eye level to close up of the face; expressing the rising emotions with each of the characters. Once Tony placed Billy on the table this downward shot would normally be of power, although it seems that Billy is powerless this is when the switch of power is shown; Tony and his father later realise that Billy can dance and this placing of him on the table is to ridicule Billy. Billy exercising power because he does have talent the metal door is what is stopping him from being a ballet dancer; his barrier.

Doesn’t stop dancing until he hits the barrier showing he is trying to break past the barrier. 11. Christmas - dissonance; clash of sound, the drone represents the loosing of the memory of the mother. - The swinging of the door to be able to watch, to keep her alive to still remember her as his father hammers the piano - Tony in the mirror disjointed from the family, as they are all the in the camera shot but Tony is only in the mirror reflecting - The moment by the fire is when they accept the leaving of the mother and how they are excepting their life without them. - 12.

A Dance of De? ance - Billy is dancing with his arms by his side, he resembles the Irish traditional dancing and which resembles the irish dancing, when dancing was band by the police, his arms were hidden and basically in the times where it was illegal to dance, billy has raised his arms to show his con? dence, strength and freedom. - - - - 13. Dad? s Decision this scene is shaped by important decisions that are made by Jackie (Jackie also goes back to work) - accept billy? s typing - return to work - sell his wife jewellery - When he walking up to the bus, he wouldn? say his own name to get himself marked off, and his breathing was very heavy and deep. - You see him sitting on one side and the fact he saw his son, he was ashamed by what he was doing and moved to the other side. - He went into panic which also made him mood, his breathing intensi? ed, - His hands were in his pocket - He has been ? ghting for so long for the principals he has been ? ghting for, that he goes back because the love for his son is stronger then the principals he was ? ghting for. - he is sitting alone on the bus, he kind of puts himself away from the other males on the bus. the scene cuts to the rioters, calling out SCUM! - sophisticated and formal language. - no swearing - Billy? s dancing is very free and it seems that the judges are very uncertain towards his movement. brightly lit ballet school, coincides with the white surroundings; this has a ethereal feel; symbolic of wealth 14. The Audition He enters Billy? s - “Thanks for everything bedroom and sits by you have done for billy, billy? s bed. Creates but he is my son” - Jackie intimacy because its a (he is taking responsibly close shot of Billy and for Billy, taking into Jackie in silence. onsideration what billy - Billy is trying to fake wants) sleep because he is unsure why his father is there. - There is silence, this is a type if intimacy where there is silence so the viewers are unsure and billy are unsure what is going on. - Jackie? s believe have been shown to chance, by the blank face that he stairs at his knees with. - the zoom shows how inferior Jackie was in this section (Walking into the mines) - When tony jumps the fence this is a symbol of tony breaking threw the emotional side of things. close up of jackie? s hands whilst he places his wife? s jewellery onto his hands and exhaled deeply as he clutched them like they as if they are treasures - 15. The Interview - - 16. The Letter - Jackie finding out out the union caved in brought him back to reality of his own situation. - - 17. Billy’s Big Night - Swan lake; represents that he has made it. - camera shots, the panel - “i can feel this change of judges are always in in my body, just like this a different camera shot ? e in my body just to Billy and Jackie; this there like a bird like illustrates the barrier electricity” - Billy ; between them; obstacle description of his of success for Billy, yet transformation through another barrier he has dance shows feelings of to over come. freedom and liberation, as well as energy and power. - “mr elliot good luck with the strike” - Judge ;hints that they will take Billy? s circumstances into their thought towards Billy coming into the ballet school. - eye level shot and the street was sloping upwards. close up shot of the grandmother looking for the postmen - mid shot of Billy and his father sitting close together - accumulation of shots building on top of each other to show Billy has full support of his family and the community. - low angel shot of jackie celebrating; shows power and pride. - aspect of moving into the world is the support of the people around him; he as also impacted on each of the people he said goodbye to as well; he only said goodbye to the people who had a significant people in his life 18. End Titles - - - - -