Living in a big city There is no a doubt, the life style is important for any one of us. Nowadays, many people want to live in a big city. They see many advantages. Therefore, there are many reasons: transportation, activities and education. Firstly, in big cities, transportation are reliable. For example, International Airport witch connecting all cities together. Also, there are public buses everyware and it comes every two minutes to help people to move to work. Morefore, has Subway witch fast and the people will go every place in cities and save them money.

Secondly, there are many activates in the big cities. For example, People can watching sports in stadiums. In addition, they can enjoy shopping because there are a bitter malls and markets that were they can find international brands. Also, in big cities, people can spend weekend in park and or watching movies in cinema. Finally, in big cities, the opportunity to complete education more easily because living in a big city can provide us with a modern and adequate academic environment.

As we know, education is a key for success in a future career. Big city have many quality schools, so students can get several benefit from modern education such as multi-media teaching, internet and electronic library with various books and documents. In the end, I believe that a big city is better for my future and my daily life than a living in a small town. Therefor, for those reason witch are education, transportation and activities give me hope to be in the best way.