On Choosing a Mistress “On Choosing a Mistress” is a letter written by Benjamin Franklin to advise one of his close friends about choosing a mistress. In his 1745 letter, Franklin conveys that marriage is the only remedy for lustful inclinations, but if the friend is determined to stray outside marriage, Franklin advices, "you should prefer old Women to young ones. " Franklin offers some basic, clean advice: they are more knowledgeable, they are more discreet, they cannot get pregnant, and then he gets down to more lascivious details.

This letter was written by Benjamin Franklin long before he became president of the United States of America, Benjamin at the time was in the midst of his life. This document is unique because it was not intended for the public. The document suggests that Franklin still carried a sense of consciousness and morality, unlike what his critics say. The letter shows that Franklin was undoubtedly a really intelligent person with a sharp way of thinking. Franklin puts every prospect into effect in this letter; this explains why he was successful in life.

The significance of this document comes in the fact that it is a personal letter rather than a document published for the public. This is extremely important in analyzing Benjamin Franklin’s personality accurately. Documents that are made for the public usually are written based upon what is accepted by the society, they tend to not include anything that may affect the writers’ reputation. It is clear that the society at the time in which the letter was written is different from today’s society in many ways. American society at the time was much more conservative than it is today.

Sexual relationships outside of marriage were considered to be immoral and were shunned by the society. Franklin is wary about not having a person to make the mistake of being found of having an illegal relation or begetting an illegitimate child. The former point may a result of his own experience with his legitimate son William. . In his 6th and 7th point, Franklin puts into effect the guilt of ruining a virgin girl’s life. He furthermore makes it clear that marriage is the most proper way to fulfill sexual desires. This explains that Franklin still has emphasis for morals and ethics.

The conclusions about Franklin’s person put forward from this letter could in fact be used to foreshadow the decisions he made in his future, and how he calculated each decision by carefully studying all the negatives and positives. Supporters of Benjamin Franklin regard this letter in contrary with his critics. Supporters may argue that Franklin understood that not everyone was in the right situation to get married. They also argue that the point put out by this was only to be used as a last resort. Benjamin’s critics rather carry a conflicting opinion.

These documents have used as means to demoralize Benjamin Franklin by his enemies. They claim that Benjamin was in fact a whoremonger. Regardless of who’s view is more accurate, this letter still demonstrates Franklin’s extraordinary intelligence in critical thinking and decision making. Three Fables Franklin was never content with mere learned argument and syllogism in his campaigns in the press. In 1770, he had written and published three fables teaching the foolishness of punitive measures against the American colonies.

These three fables portrayed Franklin’s stunning use of literature for propaganda purposes. These fables also resembled the oppressive measures taken by Britain through the numerous acts which were seen as a heavy burden by the colonists. Franklin portrays the colonies as the cows, the cat, and the lion, while portraying Britain as the farmer, the eagle, and the mastiff. Consequently in all three fables, the weak overcomes the strong, but only as a result of extreme oppression by the strong. These fables may be have been perceived as an indirect threat to the British in colonial America.

The fables were published during a time in which there was increasing tension between the colonists and the British. Franklin at the time was appointed as an agent of several colonies to the crown. His job was to convince the king and the parliament to change their policies towards the American colonies. These fables further ascertain Franklin’s enormous talent in literature. Writing such precise and explanatory stories in just a few sentences require a great author, Franklin has proven himself likewise.

Franklin attempted to use these fables as political propaganda, as well as to draw support towards the American cause. By getting the English lords and decision makers to view it, Benjamin franklin wanted to make it clear that treating the American colonies as cash cows would certainly backfire. This document draws its significant mainly due to the foreshadowing of the American Revolution. Not many people would probably have taken this writing seriously when it was first published, but some years later and with the beginning of the American Revolution, people would truly start to admire these fables.

The British decision makers in which the fables were inscribed probably have showed little interest, that is clearly shown by the fact they continued to ignore the demands of the American colonies. Perhaps the nature of these fables prompted the British decision makers to further ignore the demands because they saw these fables as a challenge, and they wanted to show that they could face such challenges. Franklins has done an excellent job in summoning his literary skills for the American cause. The writing of the “Three Fables” was a symbolic warning to the English administration.

Although the fables sounded threatening, the English parliament still didn’t react seriously to the American demands. Benjamin’s writing was an early foreshadowing of the American Revolution. He has shown that he is indeed a true American patriot. Rules by which A Great empire May Be Reduced to a Small One After failing to secure support in England, Franklin resorted to political satire in order to express the colonies grievances. In the 1770s, even after helping to defeat the Stamp Act and (later) the Townsend Acts, Franklin grew frustrated with the British leaders' ignorance of America and condescending attitude toward the colonies.

Franklin at the time was still an ambassador of several American colonies to Britain. He wrote more essays denouncing British policies towards America. "Rules By Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One" was one of the most known of these essays. The essay was clearly deprecated by the British. Franklin argued that the settlers and their ancestors were the ones who have built and expanded the colonies. Benjamin Franklin has shown that he was a true patriot through this essay. Franklin’s essay was most likely received by widespread discontent by both the public and the authorities in England.

The fact that the writing threatened that British colonies may start breaking away has caused many British nationalists to condemn and refuse Franklins ideas. Even some of the lords who held some sympathy for the American cause pulled out their support after this essay was published. The King has probably received this with even wider discontent. It did not only make a direct threat to the kings’ authority, but the points within were more of an order than that of a request. That may have further prompted the British authorities to ignore the requests.

Franklin also argued that the colonists and their ancestors are the ones who worked hard to bring the colonies to what they were at the time. Most colonials would have agreed with Franklins reasoning. Many of the American born colonists did not see any real connection with Britain. This shows the deepening division that was occurring between the American colonies and Britain at the time. Although the writing shows that Benjamin franklin would have preferred to prevent violent escalation between Britain and the American colonies, it was clear he put the interest of the American colonies first.

Benjamin franklin has pointed out some great points in the document "Rules By Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One". His ideas which threatened that British colonies may did not sound appealing to people of Britain. This piece of writing also showed the widening rift between Britain and the American colonies. It was also made clear that Franklin put the interest of the American colonies as a priority. Although he sounded strict in some of his points, He has shown that he indeed does have what it takes to be a great leader.