For an example with aid of a cargo plane we can deliver food item to the other side of the globe within few hours and the freshness of the food is still preserve. Besides that, countries also has been using technology device such as Fax and the internet to converse with each other thus creating a more efficient and easy way for good to be traded. A recent data from the U. S.

Census Bureau, exports brought nearly $ 165 billion for the U. S economy in February 2010 with the aid of modern technology. In summary technology has greatly influence the international trade and make it easier.Since the start of the Industrial Revolution In 18th century by the Europeans, the Introduction of advance technology has Increase the efficiency, the level, amount and decrease the cost of the production. With the beginning of the printing press many scientist and inventors have created many ways to increase the productivity of a product.

Scientist has created robots and machines to do jobs that are hard for human and also to reduce the time. For an instance, the machines that is being use in car factory to ensemble and paint the car.Besides that, new kind of technology can reduce the costs by using a lower price parts. Therefore as the manufactures are benefiting for the technology and by that it will boost the economy to go higher.

Games Monika, Michael Chug, Jacques Bugging, Richard Dobbs, Peter Bison ,Alex Mars, 2013) In many countries, more than 95% of business has online presence. The Internet provides them with new ways of reaching out to customers and competing for market share. Over the past few years, social media has established Itself as a powerful marketing tool.CIT tools employed within companies help to streamline business processes and improve efficiency. The unprecedented explosion of connected devices throughout the world has created new ways for businesses to serve their customers, making the business become more and more easy.

Besides that, financial firm and mass media needs CIT to increase their productivity thus the economy will escalate. Findings from various countries also confirm the positive effect of CIT on growth. For example, a 10% Increase in broadband penetration Is associated with a 1. 4% increase In GAP growth In emerging markets.

In China, this number can reach 2. 5%. The doubling of mobile data use caused by the Increase In G connections boosts GAP per capita growth rate by 0. 5% globally. The Internet accounts for 3.

4% of overall GAP in some economies. Most of this effect is driven by e-commerce - people Finally, technology sector such as Information Communication Technology is one of the largest employment sector. Based on a research it is said that in U. S alone, it sector is expected to grow by 22% and creating 758 000 new Jobs by 2020. Beside that technology has created various field of Job.It uneven that every high-tech Jobs create an additional Job.

By the end of this year it is said that the global tech market will grow by 8%, creating new Jobs, salaries and widening the range of the services and the product thus increasing the economy CONCLUSION As a conclusion, technology have become more advanced and sophisticated day by day. Even though a lot of people blame that technology is the cofactor that destroy our mother earth and causes pollution but we can't deny that technology has greatly impacted for the better in our daily lives as we can't even imagine what would happen for a day without technology.Advantages of technology have outweighed the disadvantages of technology. It helped us gain a lot of benefits. Nowadays, people can travel easier in the shortest time Just by using car, Light Rail Transits (ALERT) and airplanes. Technology have enhanced the relationships of the people in the world, we can communicate with people in different countries via media technologies .

This usually will help us save a to of time and money. The most worthwhile advantage of technology is making our life healthier. The medicine and machine that was created help us prevent from disease that prolong our life.So, as we go forward to our future, Improvement for Transportation Transportation is very important in our daily life, we won't be able to move from one place to another place in a very short time if without transportation.

There is few improvement for transportation for a better human life. First of all, the exhaust of vehicles must be improve to ensure a unpolluted environment . Although most of the ar have catalytic converter, which convert the toxic products from the exhaust to less toxic, but when the toxic accumulated, it will also polluted the air .So, we need a converter to convert the toxic product into a totally non- toxic product. There also a improvement needed to be done on the heavy vehicles, such as bus and lorry especially on the exhaust of this kind of vehicle which produce a lot of toxic gases which will damage our environment. All the vehicles' exhaust also should be change into catalytic converter and the car produce from now on also should have catalytic converter on it.

Another improvement should be done on vehicle is changing the type of fuel the people's need this day is increasing rapidly.Although there is solar car and electric car, but this is not common in the world because petrol is still people's 1st choice of fuel and these type of car is more expensive than ordinary car. Solar power and electric also renewable resource compare to petroleum which is non-renewable and it will not last for very long. Solar power and electric also will not cause polluted environment while petroleum will release a lot of toxic gas that is harmful to environment and human health. The car produce from now on also must be solar- powered or electric-powered to make a better environment for human to live.

Solar- powered and electric-powered car should be more economical for most of the people to buy. Public transportation should have some improvement also for people who can't afford to buy a car. We should increase the amount of public transport such as buses, ALERT and taxi where individual transport is not a necessary in every family. The passenger capacity of public transportation should be increase to decrease the amount of gas release, such as double-Decker bus and increase the seat of taxi.

Public transportation should be more common in non-urban because most of them cannot afford to buy car and bus or taxi rarely pass through there.Other than that, ALERT should be more common because it is faster than bus for people who are work in the early morning and can prevent traffic Jam. The schedule for ALERT should be more systematic to prevent people from waiting too long and late to reach their destination. Taxi also should be cheaper for people and tourists because most of the tourist don't have transport in foreign country. How Technology Has Improved Communication Nowadays, technology has improved a lot in our daily life. Technology can be very beneficial to communication.

We had electronic communication that can help us to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to communication. Electronic communication is a new and exciting field which includes computer communication and cell phone use for email and text messaging. By increasing access to communication, technology has created the problem of information overload. Information overload usually take place when information gets communicated at a faster rate than what we can process.

Technology has improved international relationships in this modern world by making global communication more accessible.Technology has helped us to create knowledge of global issues by increasing the amount of international news. In addition, electronic communication has created new opportunities for expanding businesses internationally. In fact, technology had promotes most of the organizations into worldwide by using the internet. The understanding of international business is an important part for the cultures of other countries. This may involve research and culture education classes.

Technology has increased the flow of communication within the workplace.Electronic communication methods that commonly used in the workplace are email, biochemical, idiosyncrasies, online newsletters, instant messages and the Intranet. The company can obtain feedback from workers easily. Moreover, it can help to inform, give more details and information to other worker much faster and more efficiently. Many companies are now choosing to integrate a unified communications platform into their offices.

(Size Evans, 2013). It is recommends to setting up a gripe site on your company's Intranet to obtain constructive criticism from employees.Communication technology can also improve individual life. For example, we can use hearing aids to help us overcome the problem caused by a hearing impairment.

In cases where technology can't assist in overcoming communication disorders, technology can also be used as a communicative substitute. For instance, a person who has trouble speaking can use a computer to communicate messages with others. Benefits of Technology of Transport in Daily Life In the 21st century, there were various type of transport letting us to choose.Although people did enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in their own private vehicles, but in my opinion they might also choose transports during traveling.

Overall, we are able to recognize its huge benefits such as keeping our life Abe, facility and familiarize with environment, even in some cases these vehicles also assist us moving faster and easier compare to others. Firstly, road transport is the most popular choices for everyone to use in their daily life. The main reasons for the active use of vehicles is because they are inherent flexibility of delivery and high speed of intercity transport.It can help us save a lot of time and reaches our destination as soon as possible. For example, it's available and possible to deliver cargo from door to door, which is the ideal for short distance, especially sending by eerier for customer or transporting perishable goods, such as fruit and vegetable.

More example, ambulance can help us to deliver the patients or people that injured to hospital immediately. Fire truck can help fire fighter to put out the fire from fire caught. Police's car can help police to manage the security and discover and arrest the criminal.Furthermore, air transport also give a lot advantages.

Example, airplane. With that, we can fly overseas with faster and flexible. It always give a lot of convenient to group as, traveler can have a trip to another country, teenagers can duty overseas business man can expand their marketing oversea. Some more, it also can improve relationship between that from different country and bring many country together.

We also can get more knowledge whenever have a trip oversea. Other than that, water transport also can improve country economic. Example, fisherman can caught fish by a boat.We can promote our country industry product to over sea with a ship. We also can have a trip to other country with a ship. We have a traveling at the sea, Transport give us a lot of convenient.

It can our life more perfect . Let can expand sight. It can save energy and times. Nowadays everyone can go everywhere with faster.

EDUCATION BENEFITS FROM TECHNOLOGY There has been a positive impact of technology on education. Virtual classrooms have made learning easier for the student community. With the potential use of technology, the learning speed and style have undergone a sea change and communication has become easier.One of the benefits of educational technology for students is that it helps them improve their learning capabilities.

Since it is one field which is constantly changing, new updates can be easily introduced to the students and class plans can be prepared with the help of the software. In the earlier days, education was considered to be mostly for the elite class and people under other strata were quite ignorant of it. With the introduction of educational technology, there is no discrimination and everyone is equally accessible to get educated.The information can be portrayed in various ways with the help of study materials. Knowledge has become easily accessible to students in every part of the world with the implementation of technology in the field of education.

Online classrooms help students to interact with other students belonging to the same stream, but located somewhere else in the world. Since the Internet is the main medium and other things like handheld tablet PC's and smart boards have entered the arena, students do not have to carry heavy backpacks loaded with books.They can walk in comfortably to the classroom where the equipment are already placed. With the birth of virtual classrooms, the instructor from any part of the world can teach the learner who may be living at the other end.

The reach of this technology is quite far and students living in the remote parts can also avail it with ease. In special education, the educational technology has brought about a sea change where the deeds of students are catered to in a different manner.With the introduction of the software which teaches students with special needs, the appropriate study materials are designed so that learning is comfortable. References http://www.

Who. Into/phi/semitransparent/en/ http://voices. Yahoo. Com/the-benefits-space-technology-modern-world-1432061.

HTML? Cat-?1 5 Angus Madison, "Statistics on world population, GAP and per capita GAP, 1- 2008 AD," the Madison Project database; McKinney Global Institute analysis dames Monika, Michael Chug, Jacques Bugging, Richard Dobbs, Peter Bison ,Alex Mars, 013) Size Evans (2013).Retrieved from http://centralizes. Com/? How-Has- Technology-Improved-Business-and-Productivity? ;id=7653563 New Straits Times, e-paper. Retrieved from http://www.

Nest. Com. My/ http:// www. Comedy. Be/medical-technology/value-benefits With the inclusion of technology, the concept of education is undergoing a modification, for the betterment of the students as well as the teachers.

Hence, the introduction of technology is important in education. Thanks to educational technology, now learning and teaching have become an enjoyable experience Space Technology brings lots of benefits to us.Since the era of space age, we gained a lot of benefits from Space Technology directly and indirectly by apply the theory in our daily life. If we take a look carefully, we can see that there are many things in our daily life are product of Space Technology. First, the most important and direct benefit that comes from Space Technology are Satellites that circling our world.

All of the telecommunication network backbone of world is dependent on Satellites around our world.Without Satellites, our phones, network, faxes and other devices that need the support of Satellites will become useless. As example, GAPS devices already become one of common devices that people use to locate and search a location, but it also need the support of Satellites in order to function properly. Next, there are also many different benefits are derived from Space Technology. These benefits are felt no connection with our daily life, but actually microwave devices that we use in our kitchen are derived from a NASA program to allow astronauts to heat their pre- cooked meals.

After that, colorimetric eyeglasses, glass that would change its color when being exposed under the sunlight are a result from the moon program to adjust the reflection level of astronaut visors when exposed to direct IV radiation. Thus, we can mention that things we use in modern world are actually comes from Space Technology. Medical technology benefit people Medical technologies benefit the lives of people in many ways. Through the use of such technologies, people can live healthier, more productive and independent lives.Many individuals who previously may have been chronically ill, disabled, or suffering chronic pain can now look forward to leading normal or close-to- normal lives. In the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the use of coronary extents - artificial tubes used n cases of coronary heart disease to keep the arteries open - have halved the number of those dying from heart attacks or suffering heart failure.

Patients with an Implantable Certificated Defibrillator (ACID) (a small device implanted for those at risk of sudden cardiac death) now have a 98% chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, compared with only 5% without the implantable device.For those who suffer from diabetes (a disease which is becoming increasingly common, and which places a substantial burden on health systems) now have access to very accurate blood glucose monitoring technologies. This means that they can monitor on a daily basis and control their condition much more effectively, sharply reducing the risk of suffering the common but debilitating complications of diabetes, such as blindness and peripheral nerve damage.Those people undergoing surgical procedures also benefit from the ongoing advances in medical technology. The minimally-invasive surgical techniques which are now used to treat aneurysms can mean a recovery time of around four weeks, compared with over a year for older procedures. Using new medical technologies, endometrial ablation, as an alternative to hysterectomy, as a recovery time of Just two to four days; the alternative needed six to eight weeks.

Genealogy is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in healthcare systems. Despite consuming a low and relatively constant 5-10% of national health expenditure, between 2000 and 2008, medical technology has reduced hospital stays by an average of around 13%. This shift from in-patient to out-patient care provides substantial cost savings, as well as improving quality of life. Given the combination of Rupee's ageing demographic and the current economic climate, the value of these increased efficiencies cannot be overstated.

Cataract surgery, for example, which used to require a three to five day hospital stay, is now almost universally undertaken in day-care centers. Total knee replacements provide a cost-effectiveness ratio of around в?14,000 (Estimated ARMS, 720) per quality-adjusted life year (measure assessing the value for money of a medical intervention), by rehabilitating those people who would previously have required considerable home life support. Just as important is the role that medical technology plays in allowing people to remain liable and contributing members of society.