A project can be defined as a temporary measure that is undertaken to create a result. The term temporary means that every project must have a start and a set end date. The end is reached when the objectives of the project have been achieved, or it becomes clear that the project aims for whatever reason will not be met, or the need for the project is not now necessary.

Many projects can last for several years. However, the duration of a project is set and would be unfeasible for the project to go on for an indefinite period. Most projects that are undertaken would aim to create or improve something that is needed most projects that are taken on are done for a reason.A For example, the project to erect a Rugby League Greats statue, of four Rugby League Legends will create a result expected to last for many years to come.

One thing that can’t always be predicted is that sometimes projects often have unintended social, and environmental impacts that far outlast the projects themselves. Project Background The purpose of the project is to critically assess what benefits a new system that has multi functionality would be to Vodafone. At the current time, Vodafone have three different systems that hold vital account information, customer information and network information, this itself causes various problems when it comes to finding a customer’s details. If the project were to be a success, we could see a reduction in wasted time locating customer’s details and an overall better organised structure of customer details. Project Aim and ObjectivesThe aim of the project is to investigate and assess the need for a system for Vodafone that can incorporate new and old customers within one main system.

A With an initial budget cost of 15 million. By conducting this research, it will give an insight upon what impact the incorporation of said such system would have on the business, stakeholders and the employees. At the current time, Vodafone use three different systems that hold vital account information and customer usage information, this lacks efficiently as has a negative knock on effect of advisors having to find a customer’s details in the various systems, which is not time effective and increases handling time. To have any kind of success the new system must include the following: Ability to allow just internal users to access the application without downloading any additional software Ability to interface with the existing two well established data warehouse applications. What advantage of a new system (business point of view) What advantage of a new system (Customers point of view) Example of other Business that have incorporated a similar method. ScopeCurrently, Vodafone use 3 systems for customers: Gemini Crystal VLTS Having 3 main systems is not ideal.

Each system has a function that the other does not have, therefore all 3 systems are needed, what is proposed is to incorporate the three current systems to improve efficiency and overall cost. Gemini – Used mainly for billing information and queries, would also be used for applying a credit and miscalculations on to account if there was a need to do so. Crystal – Also has some billing functions but manually used for assigning faults to a 1st and 2nd tier technical team. VLTS – Used for the barring of numbers and the monitoring of queues for problems that would occur on the network. Requirements The outcome of the project is to access the need for a new system the can incorporate all the key main functions of the old 3 systems.

Quality of Project Reliability – We would need the system to be reliable and to be able to cope with the demands of any tasks that it may need to undertake with large multiple users at the same time. Usability – System will be complex due to the different functions it can perform, but must also be user friendly so that in order for the employees to be able to use it. List of RequirementsProductivity Planning precision Precision in lead-time, etc. Staff have become frustrated with the need to use 3 systems for all manner of small to large tasks. This, in turn, is creating low staff morale and frustration. It is also creating a need for new starters to be trained on 3 individual systems which is costing the company more money in the long run.

By assessing the idea of a new all in one system, this does would certainly create a more positive working atmosphere which in turn will make the workplace a happier environment and in turn happy staff = happy customers.