Belonging Essay The human quest to belong is characterized by both triumph and failure. Belonging is a human conception; considered a fundamental need to be accepted, to have a sense of security and fulfillment. A negative sense of belonging may be found among the displaced, marginalized and may lead towards personal issues that may be indomitable for the individual. The short clip ‘Be My Brother’ directed by Genevieve Clay is a short presentation on the qualities of belonging and the quality of judgment where a young man's charm and charisma challenges the prejudices of a stranger at a bus stop.

People with physical disabilities are still discriminated against and find it uneasy to blend in with society, this is highlighted in the clip ‘Be My Brother’ where Richard (partially disabled) is isolated and some-what an outcast in society. As he approaches a random bystander he is segregated and instantly looked down upon as inferior; this is apparent when Richard goes to Shake Amanda’s hand (bystander); where she taps and retreats instantly.

As he begins to exchange conversation with Amanda he is still depicted as an outsider with Amanda’s reluctance in continuing the exchange and constant deride over Richards desires. “I would like to go to work …” with Amanda bleak reply; “You’ll have to get one then won’t you “. This with corroboration of the wide camera angle interpret her body language where she condensates and segregates herself from Richard by sitting at the end of the bus stand without making any eye contact, making evident her asperity and Richards non-belonging.

Belonging is an element of combination, presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; Self- actualization, Amanda soon becomes comfortable with Richards presence identifying the decrease in prejudice, she finally embraces Richard with acceptance by interacting with his voice recorder, enthusiastic gestures and eye contact. This is displayed through her body language and overturned sympathy after overhearing a previous recording, ”I am what I am ...

I cant change it my brother doesn’t seem to understand … he seems to never want to be near me, I always embarrass him and I DON’T LIKE TO BEING IGNORED. ” And connive of the hooded male on the other bench, Amanda sympathizes Richards’ heartache by comforting him and upon his departure comments, “Daemon you have a very entertaining brother ... It was very nice to meet you” displaying the sense of acceptance and belonging.

Following his departure on the bus, Richard pays the fair for the hooded male (had no loose change for $20) where the viewer is able to interpret the loving and softhearted nature Richard possesses, relatively leading the male to take of his hood and receive a warm hearted hug from Richard who we interpret to be his brother (Daemon). These actions resemble acceptance and brotherhood deterring the prejudice and distance. Foremost the short clip “Be My Brother” about a man with Down syndrome displays his turn around with humour and charm, heartwarming unadulterated affection and acceptance by finally belonging. By: Michael Kourieh