Imagine you saw a professional hitting a home run. Then you wonder how the ball got that far. You ask yourself “should I go ask the coach how the player hit the home run?” Do you know who Dave Winfield is? Do you want to know more about baseball for young and old? What a Baseball Made of? A baseball is made up of 4 main layers. At the center of the ball is a rubber core. Around the core is a layer of cork. Then twine is wrapped around the core. Over the twine is stitched a layer of leather that makes up the cover of the ball. They stitch the ball because that way the twine part of the ball does not come out like stuffing from a pillow. The ball is made the same for both of the leagues except for the tee-ball league. The middle of the tee-ball is made up of this soft component so it will not hurt as much when you get hit by it because you are just beginning of your baseball career if you want that to be your career. The Rubber Core The rubber core is at the center of the baseball and is the first material needed to make a baseball. This is so because without it you will not have a sturdy baseball. I know this because on one of my baseballs I took out the core and remade the baseball. When I was finished I threw the ball to my friend and it fell in mid flight to where my friend could not catch it. I never did that again because it was a waste of the materials because we could not find a way to use it. The Cork Layer The cork is a hard material. The cork is after the rubber core layer at the middle. It is a hard material because that way it will turn into a sphere so it will be easier to catch when you are playing the game. Another reason you need the cork layer is because it helps with the weight to be even to where it go through the air correctly. The Twine Layer The twine layer is after the cork layer. The twine layer is next because that way you will not feel the cork since it is a hard substance and the twine is a little softer than the cork. [pic] You do not want to touch the twine a lot because it is sharp enough to cut the skin when you push it hard against your skin. The Leather The leather layer is the layer after the twine layer. There is a leather layer because that way the twine will not cut into your hand. The twine is sharp enough to cut your skin a little and not a lot. The leather is also a kind of soft layer. It also helps you get a better grip on the ball to throw it to another friend or player. Baseball Facts One baseball fact is that Jackie Robinson led the Dodgers to six World Series and one World Series Championship in a 10-year span. Another baseball piece of information is that people think Abner Doubleday invented baseball. A myth is that Dave Winfield threw a baseball that killed a sea gull in midflight.