Banning junk food what’s the point? It would be healthier in school than in McDonalds or the mall. They should not ban junk foods in school. My first reason is that if kept in schools it could make the school a lot more money than the healthy concession that we already have. The money could go to buying new gym/weight equipment and brand new team uniforms for the football team. It could also go to buying laptops for the grade 12 classes. My second reason is that it would keep kids in school at noon hour. If we had junk food in the schools it could keep kids in the school at noon hour which would minimize the # of fights, theft and problems in the streets. Students still may fight but would be less likely to because of all the teachers and supervision in the schools unlike the streets where there is no supervision for the students. My third topic is that we can eat what we want. If there was junk food we could ea what we want instead of just eating healthy food we could have a variety of food to choose from. It should be our choice what we do and do not eat. I say that we are old enough and mature enough to choose for our selves. “Don’t Ban Junk Food” My main topic. My three topics are makes money for the schools, It Could Keep Kids in at Noon Hour, and That We Can Eat What We Want. All this could happen if they didn’t ban junk food from schools.