The Auto Refinish Customers can be divided into 9 broader segments ?A class collision repair body and paint shops, which is the 3S facility operated by car dealership across the country ? B class body and paint shops which is independent shops where painting will take place ? C class painters or Road side garages where the auto rickshaws and other vehicle get painted.

?Industrial customers. ?Furniture, Panels, Craft and design stations. ?Commercial transport customers. ?Marine and Aqua coating ?Wind energy coatings ?Packaging coatings Broadly the market segmentation can be done on the following basisParameters considered for market segmentation GeographicClassified based on which city the customers belongs to- eg – Based on Class of town/ City , the requirement and product placement will change. DemographicEducational qualification, Gender, Age etc will play some role in the customer decision making Eg: Better educated customers will prefer eco friendly and durable products. Similarly lower age group prefer exotic colors, Females prefer colors like pink, red, green, magenta etc OccasionalSeasonality and festivals etc determine the demand of product.

Eg- During march most of the fleet owners will paint their cars to make it good before the summer holidays. Purchase decisionThe influencer plays a very important role. Eg in a b class garage the painter decided what to purchase and in a A class OEM and Purchase GM decides. Physiographic The skills and understanding of decision makers which will help him to take decision.

To influence such decision makers value proposition and differentiation will play a key role in marketing the products.To identify the customer and target group segmentation is required and based on the segmentation product value proposition is been decided. In other words it is how to market trade off and create value proposition to the customer. It is also important to select the competition. The needs of each segment is different and the product and value proposition for this target group differs ?A class collision repair body and paint shops- These are customers uses OEM approved paints.

They contribute around 40% of market share and they are the one who uses the PPU product ranges and follow 100% system integrity.The decision makers are well educated smart and their premised locates at good cities and towns ?B class body and paint shops - which is independent shops where painting will take place in a good paint booth located in all major B and C class towns. They use hybrid system and the decision maker is usually the owners or partners. They are smart and educated, but task masters. ?C class painters or Road side garages - A place where the auto rickshaws and other vehicle get painted. The decision makers are painter and they are usually not educated.

Will use low cost products Industrial customers. – Usually uses hybrid product ranges that suits to their specification. Decision makers are educated and technically sound people . ?Furniture, Panels, Craft and design stations. Found in all geographical areas and are majorly creators. They need differentiation and new innovation.

Love exotic colors and patterns. ?Commercial transport customers. - All RTC and Bus and truck body builders. They are present is selected geographical areas and the decision makers are usually a group of technically sound people.

The following product ranges are used to cater the segments