Tyler Adams Anthropology 2 17th November 2012 Research Paper Outline I. Introduction A. The purpose of this paper is to observe and understand the behaviors and aspects of culture in Starbuck’s Coffee. B. To evaluate this problem I used participant observation, analyzing and observing people without bias while participating in the environment. In participant observation one must not make it known that he or she is analyzing people so as not to change their behaviors, one must also be sure to remain unbiased throughout the process. C.

I argue that there are several different motives for going to Starbuck’s but it is a central meeting place for cultures to interact and enjoy. D. The following paper will provide examples and proof that I found in my research about this situation and includes facts I observed at Starbuck’s Coffee. II. One factor about the problem: A. How many people were there at different times? B. Plenty of different sizes of groups came into Starbuck’s. C. Conviviality in Catalina III. Another factor of the problem: A. What are the different subjects people are discussing?

B. Studying, tests, research, social life, sports games, politics. C. Citation for 2nd factor IV. Another factor of the problem: A. What are the functionalities of Starbuck’s besides food and drink? B. Social gathering, studying, meeting new people. C. Citation for 3rd factor V. Conclusions A. I conclude that Starbuck’s Coffee is a central cultural meeting place where many people come for several different reasons, different amounts of people and different conversational subjects were present in the coffee shop at varying times.