The dynasty of Canvas (75-BBC) was founded by Evacuees in BBC. 26. Greeks were known to Indian as Havana.

The Greeks were the first to invade India in the 2nd century BC. After Alexander it was Demerits, king of Bacteria(Greek) to invade India. 27. The Greek contributed to the development of the Indian theatre by the use of curtains (known as Havana) 28. The idea of representing the Buddha as human being (idol worship) originated with the Greeks. 29.

The Indo-Greeks were the first to issue gold coins in India. The Shanks were the first ruler to issue gold coins in India. . Kinshasa started the Kaka era 78.

AD. 31. The first Shakes king in India was Makes or Mega( c. 80 B. C) 32. The Chainmen were the first to introduce the satrap system.

Geography. 34. Veterans wrote Sumatra. 35. Gold coins were first issued in India by the Shanks.

33. Ptolemy wrote 36. Stagehand dynasty was Tonnage Dye Asylum 37. Buddhist Councils- (a). First Council (483 B. C)- held at Assistants near Rajahs under the king Saturator, and presided by Misshape.

(b) Second Council (C. 383 B. C)- held at Vidalia under Kolas of the Issuing dynasty. Presided by Sabina. (c) Third Council (C.

BIBB.C)- held at Pituitary, under Soak. Presided by Musicologist Twist. (d) Fourth Council (last council). Held in Kashmir during the reign of Kinshasa. Presided by Vasomotor helped by Savannah.

38. The Sang kingdom consisted- the Pandas, the Cheers and the Schools. 39. Gavages wrote Bodhisattva.

40. The royal emblem of the Pandas is carp (fish). The Cheers is the bow and of the Schools is the tiger. 41.

The Guppy empire was established in 319 A. D. Continued to rule till 550 AD. Sir Guppy founded the Guppy empire 42.

Kandahar wrote Mantissa. 43. Harriers is the court poet of Campgrounds. Vincent Smith calls him theNapoleon of India.

44. Vastness dynasty was founded by Vindication. 45. Two types of religious grants under the Guavas- 1. Graham grants and 2.

Devastator grants. 46. The Guavas issued the largest number of gold coins (dinners) in ancient India. 47. The first memorial oaf sati is dated to A.

D 510 is found at Reran in Madhya Pradesh. This period is of the Guavas. 48. The Guppy period is called the 'Golden Age' of ancient India. 49.

Sari-Alkalis, the goddess of wealth. Wife of Vishnu. 50. The earlier development of plastic art began with the Guppy sculpture. 51 . Embarrass was written by Veda Was.