There are three types of e-commerce categories. The categories are business-to- customer (BBC), business-to-business (BIB), and Consumer-to-consumer (ICC). The Business-to-customer category involves products and serves to individuals.

Business- to-business category involves the sales of products between businesses. Consumer- to-consumer category involves the sale of products between consumers (University of Phoenix, 2013).Some forms of electronic payments, also know as electronic data interchanges (EDI) are "electronic funds transfer" which involves electronic transfer of money by a business. Then there are "payment cards" which can be sent from the customers CPU to the sellers. Then there are "credit cards" of course which is when the customer's credit card is charged by the business. The credit card is the type of electronic payment system that I use the most.

It Is easy and convenient to utilize when I am purchasing items off of the internet. As far as the Internet and the sites that I purchase from, using your credit or debit card is the best option when recharging Items from their business. The Internet plays a major role In supporting the BIB e-commerce because It allowed for more collaboration among business partners and helped expand to more than $3. Trillion. With a lot of products and services coming online, businesses will benefit from the e-commerce sells online and business and revenue will Increase.

Technology will help with the advertising, marketing, and sales of business trades and exchanges.