Oxford dictionary( ) has defined Internet as 'a global computer network provldlng a ariety of Information and communication facllltles consisting of Interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols'. Therefore one can say internet is a network that promotes people to research and communicate easily in the global village. According to Webster's dictionary he defines information as data that is stored and can be retrieved either from library or internet. The storage of information by internet has made easily accessible.

Communication is defined by Gordon (2013:np) as 'a process of sharing information thoughts and feelings between people'. Therefore for communication to take place he is need for a reliable medium. Internet has played a vital role in making communication an easy process for people. The introduction of computers, smart phones even pads has help in improving the communication industry. One of many advantages of using Internet Is that It has promoted access to Information. Internet has promoted access to Information.

It has become a source of Information.Whatever question one has Internet has made It easy for people to search for answers. Lecturers now encourage their students to research on Internet. With Internet one can research at the comfort of their homes. According to Steve and Charette () 'Internet opens up potential research modalltles'.

Therefore Internet has made It easy for people to do their research their projects or subjects. Internet has provided search engineers Ilke Google and yahoo. Numerous of web sites offer loads of Information for people to research on. nternet have proved not to be reliable compared to the research done on the library. Resources in the library have been thoroughly evaluated by experts before they were published were as the internet on the other side anyone puts anything they want on the website and there is no review or screening process.

Another advantage of using the internet is that one can conduct personal and business transactions from home. It has introduced what is called online banking were one does not need to physically go to the bank they can do any transaction in their finger tips.Internet has also helped people not to carry money around but to pay using their electronic cards e. g. bank cards, credit cards. Shopping online has also made people lives simpler by Just typing what item you want to buy and the price; the transaction will be processed without physically going to the shop.

People an even purchase tickets of bus or movies, hotel reservations and many more from home. Though the introduction of these electronic cards has made people's lives simple it has also brought havoc in their lives.There has been reported cases were one identity has been stolen through hacking of accounts. People will access your name, address, and credit numbers for their personal use. They can steal money from your accounts or con you out of your money from the internet and they don't usually get caught if they are pros in hacking. Internet has played a vital role in improving communication around people.

It has played a greatest domain in the communication industry. It has excelled beyond expectations. Internet has made people who are miles away from each other to communicate easily.Today there is no need for one to write a letter and post it to be processed and transported to a different city now one can type and Just click send to the receiver. We took to friends and strangers physically who are a distance away from us through chat rooms therefore by establishing global friendship were you share thoughts and ideas. People are now able to stay involved in their families' lives.

Internet has made the world a smaller place by communication and attained the form ofa global village. There are less face to face interactions.People have disconnected socially they prefer to chat online than physically. My homes have been broken through social network sites. People have become so addicted to internet to the extent that they hardly get enough time to spend with their families.

They prefer on line friends than chatting physically. Social networking has become so popular that it has replaced the physical networking. Internet is also a source of entertainment. People are now able to download games or visit chat rooms for entertainment.

People now spend most of their times downloading games and movies. Also chat rooms have become so interesting to people because that's where they meet new and interesting people even life partners. Other disadvantages of using internet are that computers that have internet are prone to virus. Virus is a program that disturbs the normal functioning of a computer. Access to pornography by minor is also another disadvantage of the use of internet.

There a lot of pornographic sites that can be easily accessed if minors are exposed to internet.