Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Internet can be defined as the wired or wireless mode of communication through which one can receive, transmit information that can be used for single or multiple operations. The internet is an extraordinary entertainment and learning tool that can be utilized in a number of modes to increase the ability of a user to collect information. The principal components of the internet are World Wide Web (www) and email.

With the passage of time, the internet has become the most effective business tool in the contemporary world. It can be described as a global meeting place where people from every corner of the world can come together simultaneously. There are many advantages of the internet. The biggest benefit offered by the internet is information. It functions as a valuable resource of information.

You can find any type of information on any subject with the help of the search engines like Yahoo and Google.The primary goal of the internet is communication. It has done extremely well in this field, however development process is still going on to make it more dependable and quick. By sending an email, we can contact a person who is physically present thousand miles away within a fraction of a second's time. Internet functions as a popular medium of entertainment. A wide variety of entertainment including video games, music, movies, chat room, news and others can be accessed through the internet.

E-commerce is the idea that is implemented for any form commercial strategy or business transactions that entails transmission of data from one corner of the world to another. E-commerce has become a fantastic option through which you can shop anything. A variety of services are offered via internet, for example job searching, online banking buying movie tickets, hotel reservations and consultation services etc. When you avail these services offline they become more expensive.

As everything in this world comes with its advantages and disadvantages internet too has its share of disadvantages. Spamming denotes distribution of unsolicited e-mails in large numbers. They are meaningless and they unnecessarily block the whole system. These activities are treated as illegal.

While usoing the internet there is high probability that yoour personal details like name, address, credit card number may be accessedby con artists and used for fraudulent purposes. Due to virus attacks our hard disks can crash, which can give you a lot of trouble.