=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-= Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.01 (c) Copyright Adaptec, Inc.

1995-1998 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Welcome to Adaptec Easy CD Creator =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The following information is available in this README file: o UNINSTALLATION o WINDOWS 95/NT GENERAL TROUBLESHOOTING =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= INSTALLATION AND UNINSTALLATION =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To Uninstall in Windows 95 or NT 4.0: Use the standard uninstall feature "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WINDOWS 95/NT GENERAL TROUBLESHOOTING =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= o Some CD-R/CD-RW drives will only extract audio at 1x. o If you select "Cancel" when doing a test run of a Disc at Once disc, Easy CD Creator may not return control to you right away.

A few drives exhibit this problem since they don't return control to Easy CD Creator in a timely manner.o Not all CD-ROM drives support digital audio extraction. Easy CD Creator will notify you if it cannot extract audio from your CD-ROM drive. In this case, we recommend you use your CD-R/CD-RW drive to extract audio. o If you are copying CDs or audio tracks from a source ATAPI CD-ROM drive, you may experience buffer underruns if your CD-ROM drive is not fast enough to keep up with your CD-R/CD-RW drive.

If you experience this, you should try reducing your write speed to 1x, or buffer to your hard drive first.