A report on the reading preferences of KPLI and PPISMP TESL students in IPGK Raja Melewar According to the table it shows us the different preferences between KPLI and PPISMP TESL students in IPGK Raja Melewar. There are basically seven different types that based on the types of books as shown in the following table. The seven types of books are the thriller, science fiction, romance, horror, mystery, historical, and fantasy. This research have been took by the PPISMP Mathematics group students.

The books that have been read equally or almost equally by both KPLI and PPISMP TESL students are thriller books and also fantasy books.This both books have been read equally by this two group of students. In my opinion, I think these two types of books can be read by any group of students. Besides that, from the research we can clearly see that the books that become favourite books for KPLI is science fiction which was very greater than the PPISMP TESL students.

The percentage of science fiction book for the KPLI students is 70% which have a steady increase than the percentage of PPISMP TESL students is only 30% which means only a few students like to read science fiction books.However, the percentage who likes to read science fiction is greater than PPISMP TESL students but when come to historical KPLI students only 37% and the PPISMP TESL students are 63%. There are 23% difference between this students. The reason why there are so many differences between these two types of books is maybe the KPLI students think that historical are boring to read and maybe the PPISMP TESL students not interested in studying science fiction books. As a conclusion, there are so many types of books that KPLI and PPISMP TESL students like to read.

So we must read books until our last breath.