e more than prejudices the act of pre judging something. The Caucasian or white population in the story were one of the prejudice groups. They try to strong arm the Youngers out of there neighborhood. Walter is also constantly talking about how the white people are always trying to keep the black man down.

The most prejudice group was the black male. The play is based on the prejudice of all mankind, at that time.The prejudice of the hite people in the story is widely seen in one incident. The welcoming committee tries to discourage the Youngers from moving into the white clean neighborhood.

The committee also uses there money to keep the Youngers out of there neighborhood. Mrs. Johnson also talks about the fire bombings of Black Americans that moved into white neighborhoods. The Prejudice white people were the modern Gestapo of America.
The Black American blue collar workers also believe that they are being held down by the white collar workers who are the white business men. The Youngers, specifically Walter believe no matter how hard black folks work they cant get ahead in this world.

He also believes it is so much harder for black people to get anywhere that he would lose all of the money Mama had given him, trying to spread it around getting the businesses going. The predominately white workers are trying to keep it predominately white.
The Black Americans are predominately the most prejudice ethnic group in the story. They are not only prejudice against each other, they discriminate against each others gender, business affiliation, and beliefs.

Walter also talks about Bennie becoming a doctor, and being a woman. Bennie is Prejudice against her rich boy friend. Mama talks about the black folks who wont work for there keep verses those who do all the work.
In this story all the problems could be solved if everyone would get along and understand each other. If the white people would try to understand the black population, and.

if the Black Americans would understand each other and the white people, we could have a utopia.