Mifos is an internet based management information system designed for microfinance. The system is user friendly and flexible for the company and it’s client information. Mifos is a unique system that provides tools which allows the user to research client’s information. This information used for this system would research information such as payments, client personal information for their accounts, reports and much more. The system helps the user navigate to different accounts and provides details of an individual client. There are several tabs the user can navigate to with the system. The first tab is the home tab which allows the user to search for the client’s information by name or groups. The second tab is clients and accounts tab to give full detail of the client’s information. In this tab the user can assist the client with opening accounts, closing and reviewing the client’s information and questions the client may have. The third tab is the report tab; this tab is used to process operational and financial reports. The last tab is the Administrative tab which is only used by a designated office administrator to create new system users and find office products. These tabs are provided to make sure information can be accessed and the side tabs are in place help the user navigate through the system without problems. The Mifos system is for IT skilled users and designed for financing purposes only.