A company’s organizational culture refers to the systems of governance and working conditions that are created by the company’s management to its employees in a bid to achieve a working formula. Culture could also be extended to incorporate other activities prevalent only to that company that uniquely controls its working.

Various companies have in place various cultures that their employees are expected to embrace in the course of their work period. The company under discussion is a mobile telephone the company that has a widespread influence in as far as communication, and relevant links are concerned. Considering the influence that this communication giant has on the communication systems, it has in place a stringent culture that helps its employees to achieve its set objectives with relative ease. In as far as the size and influence of the company is concerned, it proportionally has a huge pool of labor resource in terms of numerous people who are employed therein.

To coordinate their activities in one accord, the company through its Human Resource department has managed to instill into every employee the requisite cultures that have aided their ability to produce excellent results. In line with the OCP culture analysis schedule, this company exhibits in a strong sense four cultures. These are the innovative, and outcome oriented; team oriented and people oriented cultures. To start with, the innovative culture is seen in the way the company&rquo;s policies have been developed to promote inventive ideas on the part of the employees. By organizing events like expos and forums through which employees can showcase their creative ideologies, the company offers the opportunity for innovative ideas to be sold. Apart from that, introduction of new customer friendly tariffs acts to add weight to this idea.

The outcome oriented culture is seen in the way the company has tailored its hiring and firing policies in line with its goals of efficient outcomes. The employees are subjected to rigorous vetting processes with special reference being made to their ability to work towards achievement of results and the stipulated goals. The firing policies are equally well outlined so that if the employee fails to achieve the goals set in his performance contract, that is usually set beforehand, he is fired albeit after receiving benefits of doubt from the company’s management. This culture is further exhibited in the way the employees are rewarded on their levels of performance and not their loyalties to the company’s management. Their performances are measured through their performance contracts. The company’s policies on performance contracting are such that those employees who surpass or meet them are rewarded.

The people oriented culture is exhibited in the way the company has designed its mission and visions to promote and create efficient individuals in their areas of specialization also in practice in the way it upholds certain virtues of respect and fairness to its employees. This culture majorly puts emphasis on the employees by recognizing their importance as integral members of the company. The employees are dignified in all senses and held in respect with the company’s policies. To recognize their efforts, employees in various categories are handed benefits of remuneration and in other cases promotions considering their levels of input. This has helped keep the turnover rates at low levels.

The team-oriented culture is seen in the way the company insists on combined efforts and not individual efforts. Concerted efforts have helped achieve efficient results and keep the company ahead of the park in as far as the business of mobile telephony is concerned. Other than these stipulations, the company’s policies on the mode of dressing have helped the employees to always maintain a formal image that has always eased their working. The formal dress code that is stipulated in the company’s policies constitutes to some extent the team oriented culture as all employees will in their spirit of collaboration be expected to dress uniformly. Considering the dynamism that has taken a toll in the world, the company cannot implement the stable culture which always responds very poorly to changes.

The aggressive style is malicious in a business nature while the detailed structure is out of context for this type of company.