Nowadays, Internet retailing and traditional retailing shopping are two major retailing ways. Each way has Its advantages and disadvantages. Now, I will make a comparison of them. Background I intend to purchase a polar fleece jacket in in the near future. Because of the winter is coming. The polar fleece Jacket which is used the Heat tech to keep the wearer warm. It is sold not only in physical agent but also online. The price of the polar fleece Jacket online is higher than in the physical agent.

I think the first and foremost purchase consideration is the price, next is the quality and then is the convenience. Every consumer desires the quality of the product is good and the price is lowest. If that desire meets, the consumers will choose the more convenient way to get the Item they would Like to buy. So now there are two ways for me to get the polar fleece Jacket. The market price of the polar fleece Jacket now Is 99 . But In the online shop Is sold 106 , more 7 Is for the express fee. Shopping Comparison If I choose to buy in the physical agent, I need select a day when I am free to go to the mall by bus.

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It takes me about 1 hour to arrive there. And I will use about 20 minutes to find the physical agent. Unfortunately, the shopping mall is open at 10:00 am. It may occupy all of my forenoon time. It is not a good thing for a student who is busy with her study. When I get the physical agent, there are many polar fleece jackets for me to select and fit. I can touch every of the polar fleece Jacket to decide which one should I purchase. Meanwhile I can select many colors of a same style polar fleece Jacket to fit and finally pick the right color and size to purchase.

Once I change my mind, I can change anyone I want before I pay. And then I will go back by bus with my new polar fleece Jacket. The bus tickets cost me for 4 , and when I get back is almost the time of the afternoon. If I choose another way that purchase polar fleece jacket online, I would pay more 7 for the dispatch fee. I open my computer, and enter the online shop. Then I need to go through all of the electronic catalogs and try to find the polar fleece Jacket entry. And then click the polar fleece Jacket links to access to the interface.

In the interface I can find many kinds of the polar fleece Jacket. Subsequently, I should scan of the information about the product. Firstly, I will select some attractive product such as better mode or color and put in my electronic shopping cart. Secondly, I will scan the information of these products and carefully analyze and compare with them. There is a zone that I can see the referral or recommendation from other consumers who has bought the product. Finally, after I Identify all these products, I will come to a best choice and purchase the desirable polar fleece jacket by online banking.

To use the online banking, I must my bank card is security. The process totally wastes me for merely 2 hours. In the other side, I am watching the computer all the time in the duration of buying. My eyes may be tired at end. Unfortunately, my decision is should not be changed. Once the order of the product is submitted and come into force, I must accept the product. Although there are something I am not satisfied with, such as the color is dimmer when I see online or the size is not my size etc, I cannot return it to the seller except pay the additional dispatch money.

If I am not willing to pay the extra fee, the product is a waste thing. It will be a bad shopping experience. Recommendation All of above is about the two ways to purchase. As we can see, there are spaces for the two purchasing process to improve. Buying in physical agent is not convenient for the consumer, and it wastes time. The price in the shop is the market price and may be higher than online shop. But consumers can select among many kinds of the OLE fleece Jacket and purchase one they most satisfied.

Foremost the quality of the product is assured. To attract more consumers to buy in the physical agent rather than online, the shop should carry out some activities such as give some presents or trial packs of the shop. Buying online is convenient to the customers, but rate of online fraud is increasing. Consumers may not always get satisfied product, and the online bank payment is also has some risks and problems. The digital certificate is not protect well, the bank need to research a new technical invention to do that well.

It is regrettable that not every product online is in good quality. So there need a third-party in the process of buying online, the third part should inspect every product selling online to assure the quality of them. It will make many consumers buying online instead of purchasing in the physical agent. With the development of technology, buying online may be completed the same as the physical agents in the future. The consumers can choose which purchasing process they like. And each process might not cause problems.