Winter is the season which is very cold and calm, is the season when we usually have snowfalls all around the city and this is what both of the passages are all about. The first passage is adapted from an article written by Duan Jones in 'The Observer' on 21st January, 1996 and what Mr.Jones is trying to tell us is about the exaggeration made by the TV journalist and people's thoughts about the snowfall in the city of New York. Where as the second passage is written by Pual Theroux in year 1979 in the magazine called 'London snow' which is all about people loving, enjoying and praising the environment of snowfall in London.

Though it is similar for the two passages that both of them are something about the snowfalls, there are still so many comparisons between them. Like in the first passage the writer is talking about the snowfall in the city of New York whereas the second passage is all about the snowfall in London. What Mr. Jones has written in his passage is about the repeating exaggeration made by the TV journalist, which makes the passage very boring, just as it is written there in the passage that ''Almost every New York news show was either doubled in length...flakes upon flakes...corner of the city...wasn't covered by''

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From (line 6-8) meaning that though there was a heavy snowfall that people started calling it ''Blizzard of 96'' it is still likely that the medias were making it a bigger issue, they kept on criticizing it again and again. But for the second passage it is different, from (line 10-15) which says ''The city had a new shape,...become snowy mountain...simple hills had appeared.'' The writer is talking about the beautiful things about the snowfall, he has expressed people's good views for snowfall, people enjoying and praising environment caused by the snowfall. But as it is written there in the first passage that ''A blizzard of TV gibberish''(line 3) which means that there is something rubbish going on in the TV reflecting the picture of a disturbed environment in the city. Disturbed in the sense that all the things there in New York has changed drastically due to the snowfall.

The snowfall has stopped people working in their offices or institutions and (line 26-28) which says ''people could go back to work with them all day.'' Reflecting the same meaning that they were stuck in their houses with their children irritating them all the time and they have got nothing to do except to discuss repeatedly about those silly things like how to tolerate with their kids around them but after the snowfall has stopped they are now free to move anywhere as the road has been cleaned up. In contrast the writer in the second passage has described the environment created by the snowfall so beautifully.

Like in the beginning of the 'second paragraph' which says ''It clung quickly ...eyebrows above...making beard...what a beautiful street it seemed! Compares the snowfall with the human's feature. Though it is written in the third paragraph of the second passage from (line21-25) which says, ''the covering of snow...the sky was empty'' which is quite awful because the above two paragraphs are about the good things, but still as compare to the first passage, the way Mr.Theroux has written is not in the negative proportion what he means is just to describe that the city is now so calm and quiet.

Apart from the above difference there is a big difference in the structure of the two passages, like the paragraphs in the first passage are quite different from each other. The first two paragraphs are long enough as compare to the later ones. May be the writer wants to express the sudden change in the weather condition of New York, by creating difference in length of the paragraphs. As it is written at the beginning of the third paragraph (line 23) that 'By the middle of the week the sky seemed to be snowed out'' which shows that the snow stopped falling and so there was a change in weather condition.

Whereas in the second passage all the paragraphs are quite similar apart from the third paragraph, by which the writer may be telling us about the slight change in the environment or the weather condition of London. Just as the first two paragraphs are only mentioning the good things about the snowfall like (line 11)'It was hardly a city.' But somehow in the third paragraph (line21-27) it says that the 'covering of snow...loveliest sword of ice' which means that the snowfall had changed people's daily routine, as they can't move outside now which is also quite awful, but still those changes are not as big as the changes in the first passage.