Adolescents now have Information at their fingertips. Reviews concluded that there are teens that take a part In their own health. They seek out Information when help is not feasible face-to-face or are afraid to confront and adult. Negative behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy eating habits and risky sexual behavior begin in the adolescent years and early intervention can be delivered to those Individuals who see out Information and solutions to their problems.

Researchers have also explored online gaming formats as a means to carry out psychotherapeutic treatment. Despite these risks, the research also suggests that the Internet can be beneficial for youth. It provides a vehicle to promote cognitive, social, and physical development. Although there are limits to which the Internet can be used as a means of learning, health promotion, and Intervention delivery, nonetheless the Internet can be used to complement more traditional methods of delivering treatment interventions.

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Overall, research suggests that specific and targeted efforts may be needed to counter online risks In order for youth to benefit from the many opportunities offered by the Internet. (Guan & Superhumanly, 2009). There Is no doubt that there are risks to the internet and communication technology but with proper use and supervision the possibilities are endless. The youth are our future and as technology advance so does the shaping and growing of young minds develop to make this world a better place and to Improve the health and well-being of all people.

Though many may argue that the Internet has a positive effect on youth's social interactions because the use of social media allows an individual to form friendships online, we cannot ignore that the advancement of technology also has negatively Impacted youth's social Interactions because It detaches them from what is happening in their environment. The youth today are constantly immersed in technological advancement. The growth of technology had negatively interfered and influenced the social interactions of today's young people.

Let's take the Pod for example; youth will plug into their earphones absorb themselves In music while In public and In the process disconnecting themselves from the real world. They have no idea what is going on around them. It separates individuals from the reality. 1 OFF internet frequently spend less time with friends and family. This leads to stress, loneliness and depression. We as a society must be able to utilize today's and future advancements while not allowing it to delay social interactions, especially for youth ho are easily influenced during their malleable years.

Youth must learn to embrace technology without allowing it to negatively impact in their Journey to adulthood. The internet takes away from communication abilities of society. Communication skills are critical and the internet is undermining this development. Such lack of personal communication can have a negative effect on mental and physical health as well. This brings the point of addiction. More and more young people are addicted to media. With this addiction comes a wealth of mental and physical health illness. Depression and obesity are on the rise for youth today.

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