Opera is an example of a:

City College's Insight is a course management system based on:

How many colors are supported by .gif files?

How many bits are there in a byte?

The ARPANET, the first packet-switching network, connected UCLA, UCSB, SRI International, and the University of Utah in the year 19__?

An acronym for an Internet connection speed of a million bits per second:

A measurement of Internet connection bandwidth:
Bits per second

A low-cost method of connecting to the Internet using a regular telephone line:
Dial-up access

Connection that uses radio frequency to transmit data between two electronic devices:

A technology that uses radio waves to communicate:

Type of dedicated line that supports faster transmissions when receiving data than when sending data:

Any of several types of digital lines that carry multiple signals over a single communications line:
T-carrier line

An acronym for an Internet connection speed of a thousand bits per second:

Another term for the capacity of a communications channel:

An acronym for an Internet connection speed of a billion bits per second:

____, the first commercial browser, was created during the summer of 1994:
Netscape Navigator

A ____ is a software program used to view webpages:

A subset of the Internet that supports documents that combine pictures, sound, and animation with text is:
The Web

3G is a third generation standard for _____ communications:

One of the scientists whose research led to the development of packet switching technologies was Leonard Kleinrock:

Every computer connected to the Internet uses the ____ suite to communicate between networks:

Businesses that sell their products and services online directly to consumers are following the e-business model:

IM is the standard or set of protocols that allows files to be uploaded and downloaded over the Internet:

A browser shortcut to a frequently viewed webpage is referred to as a favorite or:

Text links generally appear underlined in the same color as the other text on the webpage:

The top-level domain abbreviation for the aviation industry:

The top-level domain abbreviation for individuals:

The top-level domain abbreviation for U.S. military:

The top-level domain abbreviation for businesses:

The top-level domain abbreviation for mobile products and services:

The top-level domain abbreviation for credentialed professionals:

The top-level domain abbreviation for major networking centers:

The top-level domain abbreviation for all uses:

The top-level domain abbreviation for human resources professionals:

The top-level domain abbreviation for government entities:

The ____ in the Internet Explorer 11 browser contains the webpage a web server request:
Display area

A _ is an individual who uses technology skills to access a network and the computers on that network without authorization:

As most browsers do not have a built-in feed reader, it is necessary to download stand-alone feed readers or subscribe to online feed services :

The first part of a URL is http://, which is the ____ used to transmit a webpage from a web server to a browser:

Some webpage images, such as many images found at U.S. government websites, are in the ____ and can be used freely:
Public Domain

The process of enlarging or reducing the view of the entire current webpage is called:

A____ seldom changes:
Static IP address

Most commercial webpages include a ____ that allows visitors to locate specific information at the website:
Search tool

U.S. copyright laws do not protect content owners from unauthorized copying and sharing of text, images, and other media:

A ___, which can be an email client or browser add-on, is software or an app that collects a user's web feed content and provides it in a readable format for the user:

Most browsers provide a list of suggested websites when you start typing in the Address bar:

A URL can be copied and pasted directly into a Facebook post or ____ tweet:

U.S. ____ laws protect content owners from unauthorized copying and sharing of text, images, and other media:

A ____ is typically an application that runs on a computer or device, which requests resources or services from another computer or device:

A _ is a webpage item listed in a search results list:

It is important to review the source of each hit returned by a metasearch engine to eliminate _ sponsored Correct listings that might not be the most relevant to your search query:

A hashtag is a word or phrase (with spaces removed), preceded by the @ sign:

A _ is a human-compiled, hierarchical list of webpages organized by category:

What is a special type of search tool that compiles the search results from multiple search engines into a single search results list?:
Metasearch Engine

Specialized search engines, such as Technorati, Digg, and Newsvine, are sometimes called:
Social media aggregator

A web crawler:
Yahoo! Slurp

"What is the capital of Finland?" is an example of this:
Natural language search query

A research alternative offering access to specialized information collections:
Dun & Bradstreet

A search directory:

Another name for the Invisible Web:
Deep Web

A metasearch engine:

Seeks specific information using keyword combinations:
Targeted search

Boolean operator

Form of metadata used in social media platforms

Listed in a search results list

Keywords are entered in a ____ text box or in the Address box:

White pages and yellow pages directories include resources, such as Pipl and Wink, for a fee:

A search that puts the query in the form of a statement or question is a ____, like that shown in the accompanying figure:
Natural Language

Webpages with grammar or spelling errors, poor organization, missing images, or ____ at best indicate poor attention to detail, and at worst might indicate the page is a poor-quality source:
Broken Links

Provides information services to the business, scientific, engineering, financial, and legal communities over the Internet or an internal intranet:

Which of the following are general-purpose search engines?:
Ask.com and Bing.com

Which specialized collection of electronic resources provides access to U.S. congressional and state government documents, statistics produced by governmental agencies and organizations, and primary and secondary sources of historical documents?:
Lexis Nexis

Search keywords should be chosen carefully to produce the best search results:

By not disclosing search engine algorithms, the search engines are attempting to prevent ____ marketers from manipulating web content to improve search ranking:

Another term for junk mail is:

The process of saving an email attachment:

Contains the actual message content:
Message Body

Used to route an email message to an individual:

Hardware and software that determines route to send an email message:
Mail server

Contains information about the message:
Message header

May appear at the bottom of an email message; contains standard information about the sender:

Used to send mail to people who should be aware of the email but are not the main recipients:

Icon signifying that you have new, unopened messages:
Closed envelope

Hardware and software system that determines from one of several electronic routes on which to send an email message:
Mail server

Text in a subject line indicating a message is forwarded:

A group of keyboard characters that represent a human expression:

A malicious program that can harm your computer:

To download an attached file while using Gmail, you can first open the file for viewing, then:
Click the Download link in the viewer window

In Gmail, messages sent back and forth between you and your original correspondent are organzied together in a "thread.":

To open an attachment in Gmail, first click the ____ link in the message window:

To reply to a message in Hotmail, open the message you want to reply to. Then click the ____ link on the Hotmail menu bar to reply to the sender and other To and Cc recipients of the original message:
Reply All

A signature is not optional when sending an email:

You use a ___ to save email addresses and other optional contact information about the people and organizations with which you correspond:
Contact List

When you send along a complex document or graphic as part of your email, you send it along as an:

Thunderbird is the companion email program for Mozilla Firefox:

A virus ____ is a sequence of characters that is always present in a particular virus:
All of the above

Windows Live Hotmail won't let you delete the default ___ folders, but you can delete folders that you created:

After you create a folder, you can transfer messages to it:
Either a. or b. (from the Inbox/from folders you created)

To delete items permanently, click the Deleted link in the Folders list on the left side of the page, click the ____ link on the Hotmail menu bar, and then, if necessary, click the OK button:
Either a. or b. (Delete/Empty)

Most email programs offer you two options for replying to a message that you have received: Reply or Reply All:

____ handles outgoing email messages, determining the paths an email message takes on the Internet:

The email address [email protected] is the same as the email address:

When you create a Google account, the default settings sign you out when your session is over:

When you receive an email with an attachment or attachments, you can either open the attachment or ___ it:

Use a ____ to join independent, closely related thoughts:

When forwarding a message in Gmail, numerous earlier messages that are part of the same conversation are shown in the header. This is referred to in the text as a____ conversation:

Some mail servers will reject messages with too many recipients (usually ____ or more):

To delete a label in Gmail, click the ____ link to find the Labels link:

The full email address of the main recipient should be entered into the Cc line of a message header:

The following are generally accepted rules for email messages EXCEPT:
Always forward new information about viruses and hoaxes

The term Bcc is short for:
Blind courtesy copy

The top-level domain abbreviation for credentialed professionals:

If you are using email for a business communication, your ___ usually contains your name, title, and your company's name.
Signature file

Examples of ____ include what, where, is, the, of, in, and how:
Stop words

The Internet is a subset of the World Wide Web:

In Internet Explorer, you can erase your browser history from within the Internet Options dialog box:

In Firefox, you can create descriptive labels, called ____, and assign them to your bookmarks to help organize your bookmarks into categories.

Which of the following cable types does not use an electrical signal at all?

When using the "Reply All" option, your message will automatically be sent to ____ recipients of the original message.
To and Cc only

____ requires a broadband connection, a microphone, a speaker, and software or an app, to make phone calls over the Internet.

The ____ protocol specifies how to encode nontext data, such as graphics or sound, so it can travel over the Internet.

In Gmail, messages sent back and forth between you and your original correspondent are organzied together in a "thread."

Using one browser window for all open pages is called ____.
Tabbed Browsing

Web crawlers continually browse the web to update their ____ with modified webpage content or new, previously unknown webpages.

The private browsing mode in Firefox is called ____.
Private Browsing

____ cable is the type of cable used for most cable television connections.

The following are generally accepted rules for email messages EXCEPT ____.
Always forward new information about viruses and hoaxes

Bookmarks are saved in Firefox in the ____.

If you want to force your browser to load the most current version of a page from a Web server, hold down ____ as you click Refresh or Reload.

Many LANs today can run ____, which operates at 1000 Mbps.
Gigabit Ethernet

The last part of a domain name is known as a TLD:

Bcc email recipients are unaware of other Bcc recipients:

Circuit-switched networks are inherently more reliable than packet-switched networks.

When you ____ a message, a copy of the original message is sent to the new recipient(s) without the original sender's knowledge.

____ is the amount of data that can travel through a communications circuit in one second.

A/An ____ is a small file that a Web server writes to the disk drive of the client computer, containing information about the user.

DARPA researchers worked to devise ways to make network communications rely on a central control function.

Two widely used resources for finding information on small and large businesses are Hoover's and Dun & Bradstreet:

____ is an example of a social networking site focused on career networking:

A ____ shows the hierarchical arrangement of categories and subcategories through which a user has clicked.
Breadcrumb trail

Google's browser is called ____.

What was the first GUI program that could read HTML and use HTML documents' hyperlinks to navigate from page to page on computers anywhere on the Internet?:

The term ____ equals 1,024 bps.

The most common transfer protocol used on the Internet is the Telnet protocol.

The term ____ refers to a set of commonly accepted rules for proper behavior on a network.

Realizing that the Internet was no longer a scientific research project, the DOD finally closed the research portion of its network, the ____, in 1995.

An emoticon is a group of keyboard characters that when viewed together represent a human expression.

Filing messages in Gmail is different from other Webmail. Instead of moving a message to a folder, you ____.
Apply a label to a message

Very few U.S. and international newspapers publish online editions.

A ____ personal portal
Correct is a consumer portal whose content you customize to meet your specific needs.
horizontal portal / personal portal

Online reference desk:
Internet Public Library

FTP client:

Specialized information collection:

Third-party payment service:

Personal portal:

Online route planner:

Browser shortcut:

Online encyclopedia:

Online Broker:
Charles Schwab

A ____ file-sharing network allows files to be transferred between individual personal computers located on the same local area network (LAN) or between individual personal computers connected to the Internet.

Software that you can download and try out, but are expected to pay for if you decide to use it on a permanent basis is called ____.

A bank that offers online banking in addition to services offered at physical banks is called a ____.
brick-and-click bank

To access streaming media, your computer or device must have a sound card, speakers, and a:
media player

Rotten Tomatoes is a special-interest website where users can learn to make gazpacho.

An agency that offers accreditation for health-oriented websites is ____.

What is UNIX?
A command line operating system/A server operating system. A server operating system manages the resources on the server, much like Windows or Mac OS X manages the resources on your client computer.

List 3 differences between UNIX and Windows:
1)No GUI

2)Use of command line
In UNIX/LINUX the forward slash / is used instead of the backward slash

3)No device letters like C: or A: are used in UNIX/LINUX. The UNIX/LINUX user typically does not know or care what device is being used to store files.

4)The UNIX/LINUX user does not store files on floppy disks or print them out on a local printer. Files are stored on the server's hard disk and printed out on the server's shared printer

5)RedHat LINUX can be used from any computer with an Internet connection using Telnet. You do not need to be on campus.

6)UNIX/LINUX is case-sensitive , so a file named Notes is different from a file named notes

7)To access RedHat LINUX, each user must have a User ID and password. There is no general use of the RedHat LINUX machines—only staff and students enrolled in CS and CNIT courses can use it.

8)UNIX/LINUX files do not have filename extensions like WINDOWS files do. The period is just another character and can be used in a filename, but it does not have any special significance to UNIX/LINUX. However, filenames that start with a period are hidden files UNIX/LINUX uses when you log in, and they are not normally modified by users.

9)UNIX/LINUX files are placed in directories. WINDOWS files are placed in folders . The two terms have the same meaning.

Which command will show the current date and time?

Which command will show a calendar of the current month?

Which command will show a calendar of 2006?
cal 2006

Which command will show a calendar of July 2007?
cal 7 2007

Which command will list out all the current users on the UNIX system?

How many users are currently using the UNIX system?
who | more

NOTE: If you can not see all the names on one screen, what command should you use to see one screen of information at a time?
who | more

The mancommand allows you to get help on a particular command. For example, if you did not know the finger command or the options that can be used with that command, then you would type man finger.
man command (displays help from the manual about the command 'command')

If you want to see one screen worth of names at a time, what command should you use?
ls hw?? or who | more

You would like to log out of UNIX. What command should you use?

Change directory to home directory

cd ..
Change directory to next higher level

cd directoryname
Change directory to the directory named directoryname

Command to change the group that is associated with a file or directory.

Change the access mode of a file; use this command to control who can read and/or write to files.

Copy; similar to move (mv) but the original file or directory remains intact; to copy a directory, use cp -r olddir newdir.

exit (or CTRL-D)
Exit from newgrp command; also exit the command prompt, log off.

-s filename index.html
Make index.html an alias for filename; you should have a file named index.html in every Web directory.


(lower case L) --> ls -al
List all fires in the current directory with lots of information, including date last updated (omit l for a simple list).

mkdir directoryname
Make (create) a directory named directoryname.

mv oldpath/oldname newpath/newname
Rename (move) the file oldpath/oldname to newpath/newname. Either oldpath or newpath may be omitted, in which case the current directory is used. If oldname is a directory, the directory and all the files within it are moved to the new location. If newname is a directory, then oldname is moved inside of newname. To move a file or directory in another directory to the current directory, replace newpath/newname with a dot (.).

Change to work with files and directories owned by the specified groupid.

pico filename
Edit the file named filename; use - x to quit;

Enter your electronic mailbox; type q to quit; for more information on pine,

Display present working directory.

Change password

There isn't a rename command; you move (mv) the file to its new name.

rm filestem*
Remove (delete) all files beginning with filestem; if you omit the asterisk (*), you must specify the complete file name; if you omit filestem (specifying only the asterisk), you'll delete all the files in the current directory.

rm -r directoryname
Remove (delete) the directory named directoryname and all the files in it.

The command you issue on fog when you log onto your userid for the first time; homepage creates your public_html directory and makes it known on the fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us machine as http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~userid/. The command also creates a skeleton index.html file with the correct permissions; you will need to edit the file.

- c
Abort a command or program execution

Most Web browsers not only support FTP, they have superior functionality when compared to FTP client programs.

To _____
Correct means for multiple developers or authors work on the same file without having to download it, edit it, and republish or repost it to an Internet server.

____ software omits one or more useful features of the full version.
Limited edition

When you use your computer to connect to an FTP site, it is called the

After creating a network place, you can download, upload, and share files at the network location you defined.

People using FTP sites with anonymous logins usually can open and view all the directories and files on the site.

Freeware users are expected to stop using it after the specified initial trial period and uninstall it from their computers.

____ text contains symbols typed from the keyboard but does not include any nonprintable, binary codes.

____ files use less space when stored and take less time to be transferred from one computer to another.

Which of the following is a program that tests a computer to determine if it is connected to the Internet?

Logging on to a publicly accessible, remote computer connected to the Internet is known as a ____ login.

Briefcase is an online storage service offered by ____.

To use a remote computer, you must identify yourself, or ______by supplying your user name and a password.
log on

The distance between your PC and a remote computer on the Internet is measured in ____.

It is unusual for FTP sites to place time limits on how long anonymous users can store files in the public directory.

When you connect to a public FTP site using a Web browser, the browser might automatically supply the user name anonymous and an appropriate password to access the site.

If a file travels through 15 computers before arriving at your PC, then the file has made ____ hops.

Compressed files require more space on a hard drive than uncompressed files.

____ is the Internet protocol that transfers files between computers that are connected to the Internet.

Which of the following is a method for multiple developers or authors to work on the same file without having to download it, edit it, and transfer it back to the original author(s)?

File decompression is sometimes called file ____.

To download a file using Windows XP and the HTTP protocol with WebDAV, you can create _______which is a shortcut to a Web site, FTP site, network location, etc.
network place

An FTP server is sometimes called a ____ computer.

Zip files are sometimes called a zip ____.

FTP is operating system specific.

Virus detection programs only protect your computer when they ____.
a. are turned on
b. are properly configured
c. include current virus patterns
d.all of the above*

Besides permitting download access by anonymous users, the site's manager, also called the, might allow users to upload files, making them available to anyone who can connect to the site.

Compressed files require more space on a hard drive than uncompressed files.

The term ping is an acronym for:
Packet Internet Groper

If a file travels through 15 computers before arriving at your PC, then the file has made ____ hops.

You can download files with a file extension of ____ in ASCII mode.

Provides most but not all the functionality of the full version of a program :
limited edition

New Internet protocol with collaborative authoring features

A sequence (string) of characters that is always present in a particular virus
Virus pattern

A connection between two computers

Site's directory at which you usually enter

Programs that are available to users at no cost and without any restrictions

Name for a compressed file
zip archive

A sequence of characters that is always present in a virus

Program used to make an informed choice when selecting a download site

Site that serves as a replica of an existing server

When you access an FTP site, you usually enter at the site's ____ directory.

An FTP site usually stores ____.
Folders and Files

____ is the Internet protocol that transfers files between computers that are connected to the Internet.

In FTP, ASCII and binary are the two file transfer ____.

WebDAV stands for:
Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

A ____ server hosts only one site.

An absolute path specifies a file's location with absolute precision; there is no reference to the current file.

general term indicating the separation of the formatting and the content of a document
markup language

included in some tags to specify additional information about the content to be formatted by the tag

a commonly used character for separating words in filenames

ignored by the browser, but visible when the HTML document is viewed in text editor
comment tag

another term for "ordered"

another term for "unordered"

slated to replace the tag

a feature necessary for a browser to process a script
scripting engine

an example is a toolbar for accessing a search engine without opening its Web site

what raster graphics are composed of

the amount of data that is transferred from a Web server

used by search engines to list your site and index your pages

The two Web site creation and management tools discussed in the chapter are ____ and ____.
Microsoft Expression Web, Adobe Dreamweaver

____ graphics have the following filename extensions: .ai, .wmf, .cdr, and .dxf.

Tags can be one-sided or two-sided.

An HTML document uses the ____ tag to create the various inputs on a form.

Notepad is a text interpreter program that is installed with Microsoft Windows.

Most scripts are enclosed in HTML ____ tags so browsers that cannot execute the script will ignore the script.

Some Web pages include ____ content -- content that changes when you view the page.

Bitmap graphics are also known as ____ graphics.

Dreamweaver creates code that is compatible with XHTML version ____.

The tag for creating a numbered list is ____.

    ____ is an additional service potentially offered by a Web hosting service.
    a. A summary of site statistics
    b. The provision of email accounts
    c. The use of database software
    d. all of the above*

    Enhancements, called ____, allow a Web browser to perform tasks it was not originally designed to perform.
    Browser extension

    The <____ /> tag can be used to create a text box, button, option button, or check box in a form.

    There are three types of browser extensions: plug-ins, add-ons, and helper applications.

    To process a script, a browser must have a feature called a scripting ____.

    Some Web pages include ____ content -- content that changes when you view the page.

    Director is preferable to Flash if you need to create ____.
    three-dimensional presentations

    A ____ is a Web page you access with your Web site's user name and password, and includes all the tools you need to access and manage your Web site.
    control panel

    To specify a red color within a tag, the syntax would be ____.
    color: red

    The content of Web pages must always remain within the capabilities of HTML.

    You include ____ tags in your Web pages to provide keywords that search engines can use to learn how to list your site.

    HTML specifications that are not included when newer specifications are released or are not included in the XHTML specification are referred to as ____.

    Since a dedicated Web server only hosts one site, it is less expensive to operate than a shared server.

    Email ____ involves a virus sending you an email that includes the name of someone you know in the message's From line.

    ____ components are Microsoft's technology for writing small applications that perform some action in Web pages.

    You feel that Heather knows her stuff. Before you leave, you remind her to visit the Web site that has the most current, detailed information about phishing attacks, ____.
    the Anti-Phishing Working Group

    The text recommended purchasing identity theft ____, which can help pay the expenses required to clear and restore your identity in case of a theft.

    SSL stands for ____.
    Secure Sockets Layer

    sending a message with the name of someone known in the From line

    many freeware and shareware programs are sold as this

    hides encrypted messages within different types of files

    user has no control over or knowledge of the ads

    tests whether network traffic is filtered or not on a computer
    port scan

    it permits traffic to leave and enter a computer

    people who write programs or manipulate technologies to obtain unauthorized access to computers

    type of threat that permits data delays or denial

    verifying the identity of a person

    occurs when data is disclosed to an unauthorized party

    a component of asymmetric encryption
    secrecy key

    stores login information in an encrypted form
    password manager

    In the text, the term "applet" is associated with ____.
    the Java programming language

    When using SSL-EV with Chrome, the site's verified organization name appears in the Address bar to the left of the URL with a green background and the ____ site information icon.

    Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX programs are all considered proactive content.

    A digital ID is most often used by people using social networks, such as Facebook, to verify their posts.

    Unencrypted information is called ____.
    Plain Text

    An attack that consumes a network's bandwidth is called a
    __________ attack.
    denial of service

    The term "Web bug" is most associated with the term "____."

    A counterstrike is a procedure that recognizes, reduces, or eliminates a threat.

    The ____ firewall software program offers a free version.

    A server certificate authenticates ____.
    a Web site

    A company can defend its Web server from DoS attacks by adding a DoS ________ to monitor communication between the Web server and the router that connects it to the Internet.

    A digital ID is usually used by ____.

    All of the following are listed in the text as ways to avoid identity theft EXCEPT ____.
    canceling and reopening credit card accounts once every three months

    ____ emerged in 2008 from concerns that fraudulent Web sites had started obtaining certificates.

    A ________ attack occurs when an attacker disrupts normal computer processing or denies processing entirely.

    ActiveX technology was developed by Microsoft.

    If you click a link in a phishing email, you will likely be taken to ____.
    the phishing perpetrator's Web site

    A _____ examines the structure of the data elements that flow through a network
    packet sniffer

    The ____ is a not-for-profit organization that certifies interoperability of Wi-Fi products and promotes Wi-Fi as a standard for wireless LANs.
    Wi-Fi Alliance

    Hackers sometimes use "sniffer programs" to illegally monitor activity on wireless networks.

    a collection of devices connected via Bluetooth technology

    a relatively harmless attack that merely sends an anonymous message

    a security attack using physical proximity to gain someone's personal information

    a handheld computer that can act as a personal organizer and store notes

    an area of Wi-Fi network coverage

    a small wireless device that provides a mobile hotspot

    technology that can send data via light waves

    a wireless network that provides network coverage to a large geographical area

    converts audio signals to digital packets for making phone calls via the Internet

    a key typed in by a user to encrypt data

    a standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to address inherent weaknesses in WEP

    a unique number that identifies a network interface card
    MAC address

    a unique number that identifies a network interface card

    A Bluetooth cell phone will also be compatible with a Bluetooth ____.
    notebook computer

    Hackers use ____ programs to monitor activity on a wireless network in order to obtain personal information that unsuspecting users might transmit.

    Any Wi-Fi certified device will always be able to connect to ____ access point.
    any 802.11

    According to the text, ____ is a company that provides subscription-based Wi-Fi service for visitors at many U.S. airports.

    SMS is no longer one of the most widely used and popular forms of communication methods, having been replaced in 1994 by PCS.

    A ____ attack occurs when transmissions, such as messages between users, logins, and normal connections with Web servers, that are being sent between two devices are intercepted by a third party.

    One of the most serious mistakes that home users make when installing a wireless network is ____.
    failing to change the default login for the device

    Phishing is the act of driving through a neighborhood looking for unsecured wireless networks.

    ____ is a term for finding and using somebody else's wireless network, usually illicitly.

    The action of issuing a command to delete everything stored on a wireless device is sometimes called a ______wipe.

    In a wireless mesh network, the number of nodes that need to be wired to an Internet connection is one.

    WPA uses a key to encrypt data so that your key isn't broadcast before your data is encrypted.

    If you have both WPA and WEP available to you, your system will be most secure if you use ____.

    Security experts warn against ____ in public places.
    a. online banking
    b. checking e-mail
    c. online shopping

    Transaction fees, sales commissions, subscription or membership fees, and personal ad fees are ways in which ____ e-businesses generate revenue.

    CATEX and Automotix are both examples of B2B subscriptions.

    The number of times a page that includes an ad is loaded in a browser is a method of revenue generation called the _____ method.
    cost per impression

    In a ____ hosting arrangement, multiple e-businesses share a single web server owned by a hosting company.

    Early B2C e-retailers that started life in the online marketspace as completely new businesses with no existing brick-and-mortar stores or catalog operations are referred to as ____ e-retailers.

    ____ exchanges follow a predetermined set of exchange rules that determine how buyers and sellers communicate with each other throughout the exchange, how they negotiate prices with each other, how they make and accept payments, and also determine product delivery guidelines.

    ____ is a C2C e-business that sells online classified ad space to individuals trying to sell boats, cars, and other items.

    Several business advantages for companies conducting activities online include worldwide sales opportunities, reduced transaction and purchasing costs, and access to small, niche markets.

    A business ____ is the way a company operates to generate revenue, create profits, and continue as a viable business entity.

    ____ is an e-retailer's process for packaging and shipping products.
    Order fulfillment

    A ___ is a small segment within a larger market.

    All the entities involved in creating and distributing products to end users
    supply chain

    Someone who assumes the risks and responsibilities associated with starting his or her own business, and receives the opportunity to earn a profit from the business

    The percentage of each transaction that the financial institution will charge an e-business for a merchant account
    discount rate

    Situation that increases the risk of credit card fraud and potential chargebacks
    card not present/card holder not present risk,

    Customizable storefront software residing on an e-retailer's web server
    installed storefront software,

    Founder of Amazon.com
    Jeff Bezos

    A company that provides order fulfillment services for other businesses
    third-party fulfillment,

    A payment gateway vendor

    A return of funds to a credit card company resulting from a card holder's refusal to pay a credit card charge

    Launched AuctionWeb, a free online auction
    Pierre Omidyar

    Installed storefront software uses webpage templates that allow stores to be created and products to be added to an online catalog in just a few minutes.

    A ____ is a private network that uses Internet technologies to connect a business with its suppliers and business partners.

    Transaction fees, sales commissions, subscription or membership fees, and personal ad fees are ways in which ____ e-businesses generate revenue.

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