There are 3 new things In the cloud intelligence compared to the old business intelligence. 1. Elasticity Dynamic on-demand pro-following of resources. For cloud computing, this term has mostly been used In relation to scaling up/down the performance, e. G. , the number of processing nodes. While this form of elastically Is obviously also relevant for cloud intelligence, an even more important type of elasticity is the ability to dynamically bring in new data sources to meet emerging needs for new analyses 2.

The second thing is that cloud intelligence, as opposed to traditional business intelligence, will be such more bottom-up and user-driven as opposed to the top-down enterprise- driven approach of traditional Bal. The users will increasingly be private citizens or other types of more independent actors collaborating in ever-changing constellations to achieve a temporary common goal. 3.

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The third, and perhaps most important, thing is the fundamentally new economic model needed for cloud intelligence. In traditional 81, the (large) cost of building a Bal system Is Initially covered by an enterprise Investment which must later the paid back through savings or new earnings In the enterprise. In cloud Intelligence, there will typically no longer be such a central entity paying the bill. Instead, pay-as-you-go models that allow users to pay (a small amount) per use, e. G. Off data set, in return for a one-time advantage, will become the norm in combination with open source inspired models. Cloud intelligence systems will then be grown over time (rather than built) through a collaborative community effort. Http://morocco. Summon. Serializations. Com/search? ( cloud intelligence: what is really new) by, Doorman, Jerome, Torrent; Middleware, Mortem http://O- this is the link to the PDF file but then after saving It. I tried opening this link but the file got an error.

So must manually go from above link, first page then got the cloud Intelligence: what Is really new. Click on that page. Cloud Computing is dramatically changing the way businesses view their IT functions. For Business Intelligence (B') software providers, this new concept of product delivery poses many interesting challenges and opportunities, as vendors consider their approach to providing their Bal solution in the form of Software-as-a- Service (AAAS). What Is cloud computing?

A networking solution In which everything - from computing power to computing Infrastructure, applications, business processes to personal collaboration - Is delivered as a service wherever and whenever you need It. " The 'cloud' refers to the hardware, storage, networks, software or interfaces that are packaged together to per-use or subscription based system via the internet, either packaged together as complete software platforms, or delivered as separate components to suit individual user needs.

Via cloud computing, businesses can access AAAS, Platform-as-a-Service Pass) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (alas), allowing infrastructure, applications and entire software packages to be delivered to them over the internet or via private networks - See more at: Defining types of clouds in Bal * AAAS In this instance, the service provider hosts the software, and makes the hosted software application available to users via the net.

This removes the need for businesses utilizing this software to establish and manage the associated infrastructure and hardware. The service provider takes care of those aspects on behalf of the client - Just connect and go. Pass Pass offers customers the ability to 'rent' brutalized servers and other platform services, enabling them to run or develop new applications on the hosted platform. Alas With alas, instead of buying and developing their own hardware, storage facilities, networking components and servers; an organization uses a service providers support equipment. This transfers the responsibility of housing and maintaining that infrastructure to the service provider. Http://www. Yellowknife. Communicativeness. Ii? Newest=99650 Benefits/advantages of Bal in clouds with AAAS application: Utilizing AAAS solutions are an effective way to minimize costs and maximize performance.