Hello everybody First of all I'd Like to thanks you all for coming here today. My name Is Yang Demount and I am from France. I am an exchange student in Nina university and I am majoring in business administration. Today we are going to ask ourselves if electronic games are a legitimate sport. I'd like to ask you to keep any questions you may have for the end of the presentation First of all, what is a sport? Sport: Definition Sport come from the middle aged word disport, which mean distraction, physical or mental pleasure

According to sport accord, the umbrella organization for all Olympics and non- Olympics sports, a sport is defined as an activity that have an element of competition Is in no way harmful to any living creature do not rely on any "luck" element specifically designed Into the sport Now we are going to see what does make electronic games a sport. First, we have to say that we are going to take only a limited amount of video games Statecraft, warrant 3, data, league of legend, counter strike, quake.

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I only selected ere video games I know, and which are played on computer. Also, I am going to refer Copyrightable Professional League World Cyber Games Major League Gaming Electronic Sports World Cup World exports Games CAP china now WAG Korea ML North America SEWS France HEM Asia/china There are also world championships specific to each game. For example, last Saturday, there where the final of league of legend in the staples center, in the united States Because there are competitions, there are also a lot of things which are like traditional sports.

TEAM. On league of legend, the best one is SST T 1. Here are also coaches, and transfer between team, Just like the football Mercado. Also, as you can see in the team name, there are many sponsors. For example, as I said, tam names are SST TTL, Samsung ozone and NANJING black sword, In league of legend. Those we call sportsman are those video games professionals. And they do train like professional. They play 10-12 hour a day at their game; they have a coach, speak about strategy, counter strategy, and practice hard to be on the top. Exactly like

Mess and Ronald would do. Why video games are a mind game? There Is a lot of data professional player have to learn by heart. For Statecraft for example, they have to lean all units strength and weaknesses, spells, they have to gather resources and watch their population limit, create units to attack the enemy base and in the same teamwork and focus. Because electronic games do match the definition of sport, because chess are a mind sport and electronic games requires as preparation and focus than playing chess they have to be considered as a sport.

Now that we saw why video games should be consider as a sport, we are going to see the reason why people can't accept it. There is no physical activity. And that's true; there is no physical activity like other sport. However, as we saw before, with the new definition of sport, physical activity is not anymore a must. Chess, billiard, even poker is considered ass a sport in some country in the world. Nothing makes video games unable to be a sport since chess and billiard are one too.

As a conclusion, we saw why electronic games should be considered as a sport. However, to difference it from the others traditional sport, a new word has been created. Electronic-sport or e-sport refer to the Which reveal the sports side of the video game, but stating the fact that it's based on an electronic machine. Finally, since two month, the American congress have accept league of legend as a sport and now professional player can get delivered a professional sportsman visa, opening the road for other video games. Thank you for your attention, now if you have any question, feels free to ask them.