Apple's biggest failures were Apple Lisa, Macintosh portable, Macintosh TV, and Pippin. Why did these products failed? Let's talk about the first one, Apple Lisa, It costs $9,995 and this price set was in 1983. In today's dollars, the price would be equivalent to $21 ,OHO. It is incredibly expensive for a computer. Secondly, Macintosh portable, the 16-pound device was too much weight to carry and then it was replaced by Powerboat. Thirdly, Macintosh TV, let's say that it was a weird combination between computer and TV.

It wasn't good at neither TV nor computer. The last product was Pippin; it is a game console with less than 20 games available. A crawling processor loaded games at a snail's pace. By that time, users would rather choose Sony Plantation and Nintendo 64. 2. How much of AppleS success can be linked directly back to Its culture? It depends on the era, while Steve Jobs was CEO; he was one of the greatest Innovators because of his ideas and concepts. I believe that there are some principles of Apple are presented as follows 1.

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Don't follow your customers; lead them. 2. Temper engineer with art. 3. Focus on the few to sell many. 4. Be your own toughest critics. (CBS-BEEN by Chris Morrison I August 10, 2009 "Four Principles of Apple's Successes http://www. Cobwebs. Com/news/four-principles-of-apples-successes-and-failures/) The success of the Apple's products such as pod, phone or pad showed that they can operational their dream and communicate it well to their customers. They clearly showed that their culture was to set their standards very high.

When they first released their products, thousands of customers were In line for the store to open ND the products were sold out quickly even though the price of their products were higher than other vendors In the same Industry. They were the leader of smartened Innovations at the time. They had the right people to do the right Job and were able to execute to conquer the market. Apple is focusing on customer satisfaction, since today's buyers are more educated and technologically aware; they see Apple as a good partner with reliable products. Apple continually puts out new updates for its software.