Scene 1
Woyzeck and Andres are chopping wood. Andres is singing, Woyzeck hears a sound and runs away.
Scene 2
Marie and Woyzeck. Marie is eyeing the Drum Major. Marie then sings to her baby. Woyzeck comes in looking wild whilst Marie hurries away.
Scene 3
Fairground. Marie and Woyzeck are looking around the fair. The Drum Major eyes Marie and runs after her. Woyzeck follows.
Scene 4
Marie is talking to her baby. She shows the baby some pearl earrings which she "found". Woyzeck enters, sees the earrings but is unfazed. Woyzeck leaves again whilst Marie curses.
Scene 5
Woyzeck is doing chores for The Captain. The Captain questions the idea of virtue, and insults Woyzeck.
Scene 6
Woyzeck is urinating in the street. The Doctor is shocks and lectures him. The Doctor asks about the pea diet and generally mollycoddles him.
Scene 7
Marie and the Drum Major are alone in a bed. Powerplay ensues and the Drum Major turns on Marie.
Scene 8
Woyzeck is presented by The Doctor to an audience. The Doctor produces and throws a cat at Woyzeck. Woyzeck is scared and embarassed.
Scene 9
The Doctor and The Captain are talking. The Doctor has the upper-hand whilst The Captain complains of illness. They see Woyzeck and taunt him about Marie.
Scene 10
Woyzeck is raving mad. He is now paranoid about The Drum Major. Marie denies accusations but Woyzeck leaves once again, still mad.
Scene 11
Woyzeck and Andres are singing. Woyzeck turns angry and leaves Andres.
Scene 12
Tavern. Woyzeck sees Marie and The Drum Major dancing together. Woyzeck gets madder, falls down and runs away.
Scene 13
Woyzeck is in the woods alone, now completely mad, thinks about stabbing Marie.
Scene 14
Andres is half asleep in the guard room. Woyzeck is wittering on whilst Andres accidentally ignores him.
Scene 15
Tavern. The Drum Major taunts Woyzeck about Marie. Woyzeck snaps and attacks him.
Scene 16
Woyzeck and Andres are talking about The Drum Major. Woyzeck is slightly calmer and leaves.
Scene 17
Woyzeck threatens the Jewish shopkeeper in a gun shop. Woyzeck buys a gun.
Scene 18
Marie is reading the bible and talking to God.
Scene 19
Woyzeck is going through his belongings, Andres is worried.
Scene 20
Margaret and Marie are being told a story by the Grandmother. Woyzeck bursts in and takes Marie away.
Scene 21
Marie is taken away into the forest and starts protesting. Woyzeck stabs her and runs away from the body.
Scene 22
Woyzeck bursts into the tavern, covered in blood. Starts to rave mad and anger the villagers. Runs away.
Scene 23
Woyzeck cradles Maries body and drags her to the pool side. Woyzeck pulls Marie and also disappears into the water. Journeymen invesitgate.
Scene 24
The Doctor and The Captain perform autopsy on the retrieved bodies.
Scene 25
Andres is alone in the woods. A shadow appears, possibly the Grandmother. Andres runs away.