In the novel Worksheet, belonging is essentially the basis upon which everyone takes action. Every aspiration and goal that is set in the book is almost always driven by a character's view of where they belong. An example of this is the system of class on the Juggernaut. All personnel aboard the ship have their role according to their social standing; this creates a very controlled community with everyone knowing their place, whether it's with humility or vanity.

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Also going by this rule, classes are designated to particular levels on the ship; Upper Decks consisting of the most expected and influential families, Middle Decks containing those of the working classes and the very depth of the ship containing the 'Filthiest,' a suggestively sub- human race. These rejects of society are thought of as worthless by the rest of the population, the "lucky' ones that aren't worked to death, are taken up and transformed into 'Menials. Once this is done, they become robot like creatures that brainlessly do the bidding of their masters in the Upper Decks, like pets, they are ordered around mostly taking up Jobs involving catering and domestic work. The system of class is similar to that of our world in that time period, the upper classes looking down on those less fortunate than them and taking advantage of the opportunity of slavery. The author may be imparting some value that this is a dysfunctional way of running a civilization, as it normally leads to the downfall of those in power anyway.

Inhabitants of the Upper Decks are arguably the only personnel living on board who feel that they rightfully belong to their station; the middle decks, lower decks and Filthiest all have a sense that they deserve more than hat they have and continuously strive to reach the top, the author may have intentionally depicted this to make an example of how humans are always prone to greed. In a sense the running of Worksheet is extremely formal and traditional; the views of those in prominent positions are very straightforward, seeing no need and feeling no will to change anything in the slightest way.

These feelings throughout the majority of the Upper Decks are continuous until the last stand. Cool is the exception to these moral defects however, and seems to be the only one who feels a devotion to actually having basic human principles; this may explain why he makes up his mind to help the Filthiest, because they are the only ones he knows who are also in possession of this humanitarian spirituality. The initial stages of Sol's transition of belonging actually start at the beginning.

He awakes to find a Filthy named Riff under his bed, the same Filthy that two officers had questioned him about earlier. After a short while of confused chatter between them, they hear the officers walking back up the hall again, Cool calls out to them but they do to hear him, he attempts to call again but Riff pleads with him to stop and hides in the cupboard. For reasons left unclear he desists from calling a second time, but locks Riff in the cupboard to allow him time to think.

Nevertheless, despite his efforts Riff finds a way to escape and Cool wakes up to an empty cupboard. From this point onward teen Tarantellas Detente cool Ana RIOT develops tremendously Owe to teen uncanny decision Riff makes to keep coming back, although originally skeptical of Riffs intentions, over time he develops a solid sense of trust for her. Through the later takes of the book their amity is even cultivated into a somewhat intimate relationship and most importantly, a strong sense of belonging to one another.

He learns about the clan that Riff is leading in the bottom deck, how they have been enslaved by the people Cols relatives and brutally forced to work every day of their life with no breaks or compensation. But it is not until Cool is pushed down a food chute by a member of one of the rival families that he understands Just how bad it is, proceeding; Riff unravels her plot for a rebellion and divulges her plan to spy on the people of the Upper Decks.

From here on Sol's life gradually transgresses from his intended ultimatum to become the next Supreme Commander in place of Sir Murmurs, to the perfect opposite of rising against him with an army of Filthiest. This was no sudden impulse though; in the initial stages of the book he possesses great faith in his family and the civilization which he inhabits, but he sees and hears many things about the way the vessel is run that greatly worsen his sense of pride as a member of the Juggernaut.

Riff is responsible for most of his enlightenment of this knowledge, to begin he hears first word of the changing room from her and in one chapter she reveals the reality of the way in which Worksheet "trades," (takes what it wants, crushes whatever remains and discards a few worthless statuettes of Queen Victoria) she then lets him know how his "sweet" grandmother Biennial (who he trusts and looks up to) starves her Menial slave Wick Pop' purely for her sick enjoyment of emoting pity.

His views of society on the upper decks are changed radically, leaving him disillusioned and confused for a time. At this stage of the book Cool is visibly tarring to resent the environment he once considered grand, and the people around him who he used to trust and love are beginning to make him feel sick. The fond memories of his grandmother being an important role model for him as a child are twisted into an unsettling depiction of a vile monster hiding behind a fake smile.

The view of his grandfather being an intrepid, respectable figure who knows how to handle power, has been distorted into the interpretation of a power hungry extremist with no real concern for anything but control of his surroundings. He is beginning to question everything around him. When Cool is arranged to marry into one of the upper deck families (the Turbots) Riff arrives at the reception in the disguise of a normal lady, and dances gaily with a few of Cols arch enemies to get back at him for getting married without notifying her first.

Still, this triumph is short lived, and after Riff gets a little carried away with a cup of Jelly she arouses suspicion with her raspy laughter and strange behavior. She is soon unmasked as a Filthy imposter and is immediately rushed to the changing room. Cool is frantic and hurries after her, following a route his sister Gillette (being uncharacteristically helpful) uncovers for him.

This is the most crucial point in which Sol's sense of belonging is altered from his own people to the Filthy race; he decides nothing is more important than Riffs safety, and takes it upon himself to rescue her in any way he can. Upon arriving at the changing room he sees Riff strapped to a table in the process of the mind-dulling experience of becoming a menial. His grandmother Biennial is seated next to her whispering to Riff in a deceivingly saccharine manner, he is further sickened by the mental state AT tents once assesses person In Nils Tie, Ana makes teen Tie canalling choice to free Riff.

Following much violence resulting in numerous casualties of the resilient doctors and Riff unintentionally killing the enraged Biennial she is unbound, and the two then liberate the army of Filthiest from Below by slipping ropes down the food chutes. When the Filthiest finish clearing every deck that separates them from the topmost level they intend to continue their reign of death, but after an intensely agreeable debate Sol's wish to offer the Upper Deck a peaceful choice to leave unharmed is finally received.

On approach Queen Victoria and Prince Albert accept this diplomatic proposition in spite of Sir Murmurs' violent defiance. However his fanatical idea of belonging to the Juggernaut is only elevated by this outrage; taking it to the next level with an incomprehensibly insane claim "l AM WORKSHEET. " Seeing no way to regain control over his ship, he storms off on a violently fuelled mission to detonate it via self-destruction. Accompanied by Riff, his family and a few ethers, Cool rushes to the Bridge to prevent him from carrying out his plans.

With the help of the others, Riff manages to get the keys of office from Sir Murmurs and Gillette speeds off with them to cancel the countdown sequence. When all is done and the belonging of the Juggernaut is passed to the Filthiest, the citizens of Worksheet are given the choice to either stay on the ship or be deported on land. Most choose to leave and find an alternate lifestyle, but Cool and his family stay behind, all examples of how such a firm sense of belonging can be changed.