Answer the following about your typing speed. A. List your average adjusted typing speed. Complete sentences are not necessary. (0. 5 points) I can type about 25 words a minute b. Is your average adjusted typing speed slower, faster, or about the same as the average speed of most people? Complete sentences are not necessary. (0. 5 points) Its about the same as most people c. If your speed Is faster than average or about the same, list at least one thing you think has helped you improve your typing over time.

If it's slower, list at least one way you can improve your speed. Explain in 1-2 sentences. (2. 0 points) I can improve it by taking typing or computers class. I also can improve my typing by practicing . 2. Search online to find a spreadsheet that someone else created. List what kind of information the spreadsheet presents, and then say where you found it. Explain in 2-3 sentences. (3. 0 points) TIP: Try using search terms like sample spreadsheet or example spreadsheet.

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The information includes names , home town, what they are majoring in . 3. Search online to find two careers where preparing spreadsheets is a part of the job. List the name of each career and then say where you found the information. Explain in 1-4 sentences. (2. Points) Teaching and accounting are two jobs that are squired to use a spreadsheet 4. If you were preparing a spreadsheet to share Information about the names of students and their grades on a test, how would you organize the Information Into rows and columns? Give at least one reason to explain your answer. Explain In 2-5 sentences. (3. 0 points) 5. Give an example of a group of numbers you could find the average of. Give at least one example of why knowing the average would help you understand the data better.