A protocol that provides for the encription of data tranmitted using the Internet.

program compatibility troubleshooter
A wizard-based solution that users or administrators can use to automatically configure an executable file to use an appropriate Windows 7 compatibility mechanism.

internet explore compatibility test tool
specialized program collects compatibility inforomation for web pages and web based applications

software restriction policies
Group policy settings that enable administrators to specify the programs that are allowed to run on workstations by creating rules of various types.

compatibility mode
A collection of compatibility fixes.

compatibility view
A feature in Internet Explorer 8 that enables the browser to properly display web pages designed to older standards.

inprivate filtering
IE 8 feature that enables surfing the Internet without leaving any record of your activities

digital certificate
when using ssl communications the public key is stored here

social engineering
The practice of tricking people into giving out private information or allowing unsafe programs into the network or computer.

group policies
Software Restriction policies and AppLocker are configured through __________.

security zones
A feature of Internet Explorer that divides the addresses accessible with the web browser into different security zones, each of which has a different set of privileges.

local intranet
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer and usually used by local Web sites does not run in protected mode and has significant access to the system, including the ability to run certain scripts?

Which add-on enables users to send text or other media that you select in an IE browser window to another application, such as an email client, or an Internet resource, such as a blog?

A new feature in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and it is the replacement for Software Restriction Policies. Allows you to configure a Denied list and an Accepted list for Applications. Applications that are configured on the Denied list will not run on the system, whereas applications on the Accepted list will operate properly.

which security zone used in internet explorer is used for all web sites that are not listed in the other three zones

you open internet options in internet explore 8.0 which tab do you use to enable or disable the pop up blocker

used in internet explore and is a text file that contains information about you and your web surfing habits that a web site maintains on your computer

A software component that sits between an application and the operating system.

rss feeds
A means of pushing frequently changing content to internet subscribers

application compatibility
The process of ensuring that a program or application written for a previous Windows operating system will function properly within Windows 7.

trusted service, whether software or commercial,that issues digital certificates to other entities

Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
A collection of programs that enables
administrators to gather information about incompatibilities between specific applications and
Windows 7, and create customized solutions that enable those applications to run.

a secure communication method that requires two encryption keys a public one and a private one

windows xp mode
A free download that enables a computer running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition to create a virtual Windows XP machine on which you can run any native Windows XP application.

protected mode
An operational state that is designed to prevent attackers that do penetrate the computer's defenses from accessing vital system components.

can provide an interface between browser and another software product or between the browser and a specific set on the internet

An identity theft tool that appears in the form of an E-mail or pop-up message; usually looks like it's from a legitimate financial institution and prompts you to provide your personal information in order to fix a "problem" with your account.

trusted sites
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer provides the most elevated set of privileges?

effective permissions
The combination of permissions affecting a security principal's access to a protected resource, whether derived from explicit permission assignments, permission inheritance, or group memberships.

NTFS permissions
control access to the files and folders stored on disk volumes formatted with the NTFS file system. you must have the appropriate permissions to access a file whether on the local system or over a network.

virtualized folders enable users to access files from different locations as if they were all in the same place

full control
which ntfs permission allows you to take ownership of a folder on a ntfs volume

permissions that run downward through hierarchy

print server
A computer or stand-alone device that receives print jobs from clients and sends them to print devices that are either locally attached or connected over a network

print driver
device driver that converts the print jobs generated by applications into a string of commands for a specific print device.

Printer Control Language. A common language used by printers to describe how a page is printed.,

permission is the minnimum that allows you to add files to a shared folder

printer driver
a device driver that converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device

effective permissions
The combination of allow permissions and deny permissions that a security principal receives for a given system element.

an individual permission assignment in an access control list consisting of a security principle and the specific permissions assigned to that security principal