.. oom. They get real scared and run home in the middle of the night. Lovey's mother gets mad because now they are both scared of everything. She puts Lovey on a plane to Molokai to live with her grandmother for a while so that she can forget what has happened. Grandmother does her best to pass the time for Lovey, but she doesn't know that Lovey is still scared of her teacher.

She doesn't sleep until the sun comes up the next day, that she hears little men laughing. Lovey tells Grandmother one day, and they go to the church to talk to the reverend. They pray for her. Lovey and her father have a new moneymaking idea, to pluck feathers off of dead peacocks and to sell them to the feather lei makers. They go on long drives together, and her father tells her stories of when he was young.

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She enjoys these times very much because he would have never told anyone these stories unless they were in such circumstances as that. He talks about his house back in Haupu and how he misses it. He would like to go back there with Lovey and climb the mountain. Pages 183-276 The town has a carnival, and Lovey and Jerry go together. They each don't have very much money, but win a Coke bottle.

They see Larry and his girlfriend, Crystal, in the games area, and ask her if they could carry around some of their stuffed animals. She says 'yes' and they get a big pink bear, and a snake that Lovey wraps around her neck. When they see girls from their school, they shake up the Coke bottle and dump it on them from the top of the Ferris wheel. Lovey doesn't understand why Jerry wants to be friends with Lori, a Japanese girl that hates her. She is a popular snob with no respect for anyone.

He doesn't know, and just shrugs. Lovey and Calhoon take sewing classes in the bottom of the Singer basement. When Lovey makes clothes and wears it the next day, Gina makes fun of it. Lovey wants to give up, but her father tells her that you can't win if you quit. So, she tries again, and Calhoon and Lovey work very hard to make a pair of patchwork denim hip-hugger bell-bottoms for her. It looked like real store-bought ones, and Gina could not say a thing about it.

Lovey feels real proud. At the end of the year, they have a grad dance that Jerry and Lovey go to. They both have been trying their hardest to become popular. Jerry keeps insisting that Jenks likes her, even though he doesn't show it when they are at school. He is real nice to both of them on the weekends when they are at the beach, but because he is popular, he doesn't even give them a nod at school.

When the dance comes, Lovey waits in anticipation for Jenks to ask her to dance. She got all dressed up, but he never does. Until the last slow dance of the night. They dance together and Lovey is happy. Lovey's father goes on a three day hunting trip with his friends. They go out and hunt goats near the lava flow.

When he comes back he has blown out his eyes. He can't see, and he's scared. Father is still mad at Lovey for burning Calhoon when they were at the incinerator. He is so depressed and sad that Lovey can think of only one thing to do. She borrows some money from Katy, and buys a plane ticket to Kauai. She gets a cab there and goes to Kipu.

She fills a ziplock bag with dirt, and then goes back to the Big Island. She fills another ziplock bag with dirt from their backyard. Lovey's mother is really mad at her. No one knew where she went, and they were all worried about her. They take her back to her father's hospital room to explain herself.

She tells her father where she was, what she has done, and why. He is so happy that they all forget that they were worried about her. The dirt is so that when he dies, he will be buried in dirt from two places. His home in Kipu, and his home in Hawaii. When he is buried like that, he will know that he is finally home and at peace.

The Main Characters Lovey Nariyoshi- A young girl living in Hawaii. She has a sister named Calhoon, and a best friend named Jerry. She is an outcast at her school, and is teased constantly. Lovey wants to be someone she isn't. She always fantasizes about being haole or popular. Jerome (Jerry)- Lovey's best friend, they spend all their time together.

The one person that keeps Lovey happy and together. He has a brother names Larry that always picks on them and hurts them physically. Jerry and Lovey are the best of friends, they love each other to death. Hubert (Inky) Nariyoshi- Lovey's father. He is her inspiration, and what she tries to imitate.

She always tries to please him, and be just like him. Hubert loses his eyesight and becomes depressed. Lovey remembers him telling her that he wants to be buried in dirt from his house in Kipu and his house in Hawaii. She gets him happy by going to Kauai and getting the dirt as he wanted. He loves her very much. Throughout this whole book, Lovey is wishing that she is haole. She occupies her time by thinking what her life would be like if she was white.

I think the author is trying to tell us that we should accept our life just as it is. To strive to make it better, but also, not to have unrealistic dreams. In the end of this book, I think Lovey finally gets the message from her father to stop trying to be someone your not, and to just be yourself. That is what this whole book is about. To be who you are, not someone that your not.