Why We Should Participate In The Liturgy Why We Should Participate in Liturgy Liturgy come from the Greek word meaning, A public duty or work. Liturgy is defined as the form of prayer, acts and ceremonies used in the public and offical worship of the Church, principally in the offering of the Eucharist, the singing and receiving of the Sacraments. Participate, is defined as to have or take a part or share in, or to give a share of; to communicate. There is no greater thing we can to do to show God that we love Him than to attend the Mass and receive the Body and Blood of Christ. But participating in the mass by kneeling, standing, walking, sitting, speaking, and listening are very important also. These are all talents God gave us and we should use them to praise him and to tell others that we are not afraid to use them for the good of God.

Maybe we can't sing that great, but if we try God will still appreciate the try. There is nothing to be ashamed of, when participating in the mass. Maybe some of us can't get up in front of everyone and read, but we should still read along and listen to the reader, because it is God speaking through them. Sometime itis hard to pay attention during Mass, but the church only ask us for one hour each week, which isn't that much, for God. With the sign of peace we get to show each other our love for each other and for God.

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To participate in the liturgy inclueds all the things that we have grow up with and should not be something taken lightly for God watches over us all the time. Acceptance Essays.