On a traditional high school schedule we only have five minutes between each class. For many students including myself, that is not enough time to get prepared. Some of the times as soon as students step in front of their lockers the warning bell rings, which means once again we are late. Almost once a week students are late to at least one class, if not more. There are a few different reasons why we should get more time between our classes. This is a serious problem to most others and me. Now I think its finally time for us to do something about it. The number one reason is it is better for the students.

This gives them more time to get too their lockers, so they can get thongs for the next class. The locker don’t always work in our favor, they tend to jam up from time to time. Locker jams are one of the big reasons why students are late to class. Also the lines in the girl’s restroom are absolutely ridiculous. Most the time they are almost all they way into the hallways. Especially right after lunch. Neither student nor teacher could fix that kind of issue. Adding more time will give students not only more time to get ready but also more time to get focused for their next class.

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Plus it’s really hard to remember everything when you’re in a rush. It’s not only beneficial for students, its great for teachers as well. Teachers are always scrambling for the first two-three minutes of class just trying to get thing together. Putting on more time would get rid of that problem by allowing teachers to get things ready an set up for the class. Are teachers are not robots, not yet at least. They need to use the restroom too. So instead of leaving during the middle of class to go, they would now have plenty of time to do their business before class even starts.

However the bad thing about adding more time is that they get a little less class time. So doing this would be working up to when the bell rings. Teachers always say that we need to be in class everyday. But how are we supposed to do that when we are in ISD for being tardy. Or if we need extra help with something and want to come during lunch to get some, instead we are stuck in lunch detention. When we could be trying to better our grade. I can see that when they say come after for help, but most parents do work from nine to five.

You still do have students who can’t drive yet, so that wouldn’t work. Lunch detention and ISD are supposed to be for student who do wrong. Not for students who’s lockers jam up or get stuck in a bathroom line. Moving on from there would be fewer confrontations in the hallways. The crowds in the hallways and stairways are insane. People do bump in to one another since we are so close to one another. As a consequence to that people get mad and start arguing, which sometimes turns to something bad. Which includes verbal and physical disputes.