Whenever I go to C.V. I always stop by the magazine stall. Those magazines have a very attractive appearance with impressive pictures and headings. Women's magazines especially dominate types of magazines in the hall and they are top- selling magazines. Most of them have a focus on fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, and health. They'll also include recipes, relationship advice, "real life" stories, and weight-loss advice. I guess sensationalism is the formula for these tabloid magazines to appeal people.

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Those magazines do not really focus about the facts of the stories UT try to be the very first magazine to disclose the latest scandal of some celebrity. Tabloid magazines play an important role in exploiting celebrity life, which is never an old topic. Moreover, tabloid magazines mainly invoke people's emotion rather than reasoning or rationality, which is one of the techniques they employ people come week after week. The obsession with celebrities, scandal and gossip appear to be an American culture in particular.

There has always been a fascination with the lives of the rich and famous, which most people will never have experience of. Why tabloid Gaines appeal me? Because they have lots of pictures of celebrities. It's obvious that visual appeal is much stronger than a page full of words. Those magazines also hit to people's obsession of celebrity. They usually talk about relationship between stars, where they go on vacation, the moment they kiss on the beach, and break up; or they talk about their families.

Celebrities are always the pioneers for fashion, so people will look at what they wear, their makeup's, and their hairstyles as hot new trends. People want to know about celebrities' personal lives in part because to form "parochial" relationships ? the psychological term for the kind of one-sided relationships fans have with stars. I think the news people love to see most is celebrities' scandal. And those scandals will be very ideal to be the headline of the magazines.

Maybe you're not really interested in these kinds of magazines, but by chance the headline "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced" may make you stop and spend some time to read it. In fact, those scandals are usually exaggerated; the headline could be "Justine Bibber hit the paparazzi", but the truth turns out to be that Bibb almost hit the pap because the pap cursed on him. And that exaggeration is one of the reasons why those magazines appeal people.

Besides the private lives and scandals around the celebrities, these magazines also "take pains in picking holes in other's coats". Those news are usually trivial and petty, such as "stars without makeup's, "stars reveal bad skins", but they never fail to amuse people. Why? Because people never want someone to be so perfect; though they interested in looking at their beautiful idols, it would be nicer that their "perfect" idols also have pimples, like everyone else. I have a friend who is a photographer. He knows quite a lot about the showbiz world.

He told me that the clever and smart celebrity would know how to build a good relationship with the media, so the Journalists will write a lot about them with a good attitude, and that help them to reinforce their reputation to the public. On the other hand, celebrity who does not have a good relationship with the media could be ignored or scrutinized. These tabloid magazines really have a great influence on the celebrities. To me, though those magazines don't give me any valuable International, It's entertaining to read Ana somewhat lacteal