louis phillipe wanted to produce a liberal country thus he avoided extreme policies. he extinguished all harsh policies which charles x had imposed in france such as press censorship. however,although louis phillippe proved to be liberal and upheld all the revolutionary principles of 1789 his downfall was caused by the people of france,the ones whom he had ruled with justice. louis phillipe`s downfall was as a result of a combination of what he did,that is his unpopular policies and all that he had failed to do which he should have done both on domestic and foreign policy. ouis phillipe`s cautious foreign policy led to his downfall. amongst the several groups of french citizens,there was the bonapartist party which favoured millitary glory thus when louis phillipe failed top bring millitary glory to france,whereby he remained passive on the mehelmet ali crisis. louis did not assist mehelmet ali when other great powers threatened to intervene when he had gained victory against the sultan. worse still the other great powers did not invite france to the conference an dthis made the people of france furious. lso his passiveness on the belgium revolts whereby he refused to let his son rule belgium and this would mean increase ininfluence to belgium,this made the people of france who so yearned for millitary glory and prestige to withdrew their support from louis phillipe when the 1848 revolutions occured. even larmantine stated that france was bored and this led to his downfall. inspite of his wish to avoid extreme policies,louis phillipe introduced unpopular policies which led to his downfall. ouis phillipe was a fine gentleman who was a bourgoise and any reform he was to introduce he would have to consider the middle4 class first,for example on the voting issue,the franchise proved to be narrow as it onlyenabled 200000 people to vote. the rich middle class were the only ones who could manage to vote hence leading to their domination in the parliament and this did not please the lesser bourgoise and the peasants who were left disenfranchised. urthermore,the government passed a law restricting the right of association thus these people turned their support away from phillipe,for in lyons,which had just ened one if its periodic strikes protested against this law. therefore one is justified to contend that louis phillipe`s unpopular policies led to his downfall for he had created enmemies for himself by restricting people of their political freedom thus losing their support on the outbreak of the revolution. n an attempt to make the government more democratic louis phillipe made the greatest mistake ever by introducing the reform banquets . in this banquets reformers addressed large assembles of the peasants and the lower middle class throughout france . however this paved way to criticism of the government and this would mean more opposing to louis thus increasing of political parties as some will be campaigning for themselves . hen the government tried to suppress the reform banquets , a revolution culminated which sealed the fate of louis as it was obvious that the peasant and the lower middle class were not going to give their support for they had already been influenced by some reformers to go against him and also the abandonment of the reform banquets would mean that liberty was being taken as well . if only louis had not introduced such a reform he would have avoided the 1848 revolution. ust because of louis philippe's lack of concern of the conditions of the people,his downfall was inevitable. since louis was from a rich middle class, his main concern was of those employers and thus concentrating more on the economy development. however ,louis did not consider the suffering evils of the industrial revolution in france the workers who remained as poor as ever as a matter of fact this was so very unfair to employees resulting in there withdrawal to give support to phillipe . f only louis phillipe had taken measures to help the workers he could have gained their support and maybe the workers would not have revolted but rather the government made little attempts to remedy slam conditions in factories and concentrated more on protecting the property from civil disorders that is suppression of the strike in Lyon and to the people in France this act meant absolutism therefore they revolted thus leading to Louis Philippe`s downfall . The regime of Louis Philippe rested on the middle class of which these were few in the French population.

This made Louis Orleanist Monarch unpopular for he only had the support of the rich middle class. He had failed to please the extreme royalists for he had failed to act according to their expectations of being an extreme royalist and ruling with an absolute monarch,for he was seen walking without an escort in public only with his umbrella, his cautious foreign policy had failed to please the Bonarpatists who yearned for military glory while his favouratism on the rich middle class disappointed the liberals who wanted fairness.

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His way of life,that of a ''citizen king'' had failed to win him respect of the royalists or the support of the mass hankering after the splendors of bygone days hence Louis ended up with more enemies than friends thus leading to his downfall. louis philippe government was very corrupt . louis philipe selected ministers whom he felt to be loyal to him and most of them were business and according to Agatha Ramm it was bribery . he government was now manipulated by bribery and this did not pleased much of the french citizens for the majority consisted of the peasants and royalist thus these people were not given the opportunity to be involved in the government and obviously any reform would not please them . this corruption led to Louis Philippe`s downfall for the peasants and the royalist were no longer prepared to offer him support on 1848 revolution and these people felt justified to rebel against him .

In conclusion one is justified to content that Louis Philippe's foreign and domestic policy led to his downfall inspite of his wish to avoid extreme policies, Louis' ruling made it inevitable for his dethronement. It led to the splendor and enlightenment of Napolionic regime, nevertheless one should bear in mind that by accepting the charter and guaranteeing freedom such as freedom of press Louis Philippe earned himself the title of ''citizen king''.