I was recently asked if why I choose National College to continue my education. While, I have visited and number of different school to continue my search on my career path. There were couples thing the stood out about the National from the others. I choose national college for the location, timing, and environment. The Location of the school was a very important part to where I choose to go. National college is about seven minutes from my home and as well as my Job.

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It being so close the both location made it easy to commute back in fourth between both locations in a short amount of time at anytime of the day. The scheduling of when I had to be at class was the second best thing. I normally, working anywhere between 33-35 hours a week at one Job, and bartend at my parent restaurant two days out of the week. National College was willing work around my work schedule when scheduling my classes. I thought was a great thing to have.

It wowed me that they cared that I worked and need to provide for my family as well as finish my classes. I love the fact that I would only have two to three classes a week verse going a number on times a week. The third thing I like most about National College was the environment. While, on my visit to obtain more information on the college I got the friendly at home family vibe from everyone. I love how everyone was friend and graceful. Having a positive environment would help stay in school and keep my on the right track.