Why has the marketing mix for Motorola been unsuccessful? Y Ginger-roadman Glossary accountant a professionally qualified person who has responsibility for keeping accurate accounts and for producing the final accounts accounts the financial records of a firm's transactions acquisition see take-over added value the difference been the selling price of a product or service and the cost of inputs such as materials and components agent an independent person or business that is appointed to deal with the sales and distribution of a product or angel Of products AID model a simple way Of planning an adverts design: it stands for attention, interest, desire, action annual general meeting (GM) a legal requirement for all companies; all shareholders may attend.

They vote on Who they want to be on the board Of directors for the corning year and on Other issues raised by the board or themselves application form a form completed by an applicant for a lob vacancy which summaries the applicant's name, address, education, qualifications, previous experience appraisal method of assessing the effectiveness f an employee, usually involving an interview with a senior member of staff appreciation of a currency when the value of a currency rises and it can buy more of another currency than before appropriation account the part of the profit and loss account which shows how the profit after tax is distributed - either as dividends or kept In the company as retained profits arbitrator a person who listens to both sides in an industrial dispute (trade union and management) and then gives a ruling on hat the arbitrator thinks Is fair to both Sides assets the items of value which are owned by the business. E. G. Land, buildings.

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