Why Do You Believe? ! In my last speech I spoke about what a religion Is and how It Is created and different examples. Today I will tell you why they are wrong. There Is a lot of information and data that proves that believing in a deity is not right. From made up stories to miracles that didn't happen. I will share some facts about the similarities In some famous religions. ! Since the beginning of human history there has been religious beliefs and the one that Is most recognizable as the first one Is the Egyptian religion. This religion for being the first, has been used as reference in almost all other modern ones.

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For example, the Sun God Hours was born on December the 25th, from a virgin mother, performed miracles during his life, had twelve followers, and resurrected after he died. Does that sound familiar? We can see a lot of similarities like this in Atlas from Greece, Krishna of India, Dionysus of Greece, Mother of Persia, and many others. The question is why these specific facts are the same? ! First of all, the date of birth is completely astrological. On December 24th, Sirius, or the Star In the East, aligns with the three brightest stars in Orin's belt, also now as, the three kings, and they point to the sunrise on December the 25th.

So there you have a date. Why a virgin mother? Virgin comes from Virgo who is the symbol of harvest. Now here goes the most obvious similarity, that are the twelve disciples that travel with the Son, that refer to the twelve constellations or months of the year that travel with the Sun. Like these I could give tons and tons of references that can be seen between religions and astrological phenomena. But if we have all this facts proved, why keep believing in them? Religion makes the believers belong to group, and everybody needs to belong to one, but for that we have sports, reading clubs, bands, frats, etc.

It also gives them security, in different terms, from being sure that after we die, we will live forever, to being sure that If we follow their laws, we will live happily in heaven and if we don't, we will burn in hell forever. We need to concentrate and care about what happens right now during life. It can be described as depressive to think what will happen after death, if we go up or down. Let's enjoy life and forget about what will happen afterwards. And then comes the introductions, important people in religion have even created their own by changing the "rules", hence, Henry VIII or Martin Luther. There are all kinds of religions around the world. From the Meridians, to the Seediest, to the most recognized ones. Some are less wrong than others or at least more human. A good example are Buddhists. Their beliefs are wrong but their peaceful lifestyle makes them good and caring people. There is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, we have Muslims that cause terror on the streets to promote their beliefs and they bring down alluding and kill thousands of people. Not mentioning the catholic pedophilia priests.

I'm not saying that all Muslims or Catholics are bad people or that all Buddhists are good, but the average speaks for itself. ! Another important fact that affects everybody, and probably is the worst, is war. Wars have been and are mainly caused by religious Issues. Some examples could be the Crusades, World War I and II, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. These are the modern ones, there's been religious wars since the beginning of history. War is stupid! I know that not all the causes are 1 OFF war! We all know that every institution, private or public, needs money to function and church handles tons of it.

They try to sell us the humble image of Jesus that was born in a stable surrounded by cows and mules, but how does the Pope live? He has all the luxuries you could ever ask for. And they don't even pay taxes! All this thanks to the money that you give them. They sold indulgences during the Middle Ages. How is this even possible? What were they thinking? As I said, the Vatican Bank, which is the one I have in mind, has billions of dollars, and they even have had some issues bout money laundering that sum up to $218 million. But my point is not to criticize a religion in specific. As I read somewhere a while ago, and really got my attention: If God is not real, Atheists are correct. If He Just created us but has nothing to do with the human race, and this are the Deists, we are still cool. If he is real and fair, he cannot punish one for his or her beliefs. If an atheist lives a good and fair life, he is saved. But if He is real but not fair, and punish one for every insignificant detail, then everyone is going to burn in Hell. Not one single person is saved. Think about it. - Hermann Bernard (2013)